Yes, You Can Use A Walmart Gift Card To Shop At Sam's Club

Walmart gift card with a bow
Walmart gift card with a bow - Catlane/Getty Images

A gift card for any store is an exciting present to receive, but a gift card specifically for Walmart is debatably one of the most exciting. Walmart is an iconically large department store full of deals. Each store is filled with everything under the sun, from art supplies to clothing to televisions. With their low costs, you can get a lot of bang for your buck on any product you can imagine.

Walmart offers comparably good deals on its grocery items, but you can stretch your dollar even further at membership-based warehouse chains like Sam's Club, as their food products sell at wholesale prices. Luckily for Walmart gift card holders, Sam's Club actually accepts these cards too. The companies are affiliated with one another, making this currency interchangeable between their stores. So, for the Sam's Club-obsessed shoppers out there, a Walmart gift card is a very valuable tool to have on hand.

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What A Walmart Gift Card Can Give You At Sam's Club

Sam's Club exterior
Sam's Club exterior - Slobo/Getty Images

You can use a Walmart gift card at any Sam's Club location because the brand is a subsidiary of the Walmart corporation. The "Sam" in Sam's Club refers to Sam Walton, the American business mogul who founded Walmart. Similarly to the multinational retail corporation, Sam's Club is stocked with every category of goods and services you can imagine, including food products, furniture and appliances, office supplies, and pharmaceuticals.

As a warehouse, however, Sam's Club's selection of goods and services is even more expansive than the selection at Walmart. Sam's Club is so expansive that shoppers may even want to consult our beginner's guide to food shopping there. The biggest difference, though, is the money-saving potential of each store. While Walmart sells most of its items at individual prices, Sam's Club sells its items in bulk, which discounts each item. If you are strategic about spending, using a Walmart gift card at Sam's Club may be a good way to stretch its value.

Other Tips And Techniques For Sam's Club Shoppers

Shoppers at Sam's Club with full carts
Shoppers at Sam's Club with full carts - Bloomberg/Getty Images

Not everyone can waltz into Sam's Club wielding a Walmart gift card, though. As a membership-based warehouse store, all Sam's Club shoppers must pay a fee just like Costco. However, if you are a member, there are plenty of smart shopper tips to make the most of it, on top of being able to use a Walmart gift card for purchases.

For example, to take advantage of Sam's Club's free samples which are also called "Tastes & Tips," the best days to shop are Saturdays and Sundays, according to employees. Non-members need not fret, though. If you don't have a membership card but still want in on Sam's Club's wholesale-grade deals and discounts, you can shop on the Sam's Club website, as online orders do not require memberships. What's more, the website also accepts Walmart gift cards. So, no matter their membership standing, every shopper has the chance to save big.

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