Yeule shares new single ‘Sulky Baby’ and announces new deal with Ninja Tune

Yeule (Picture: Neil Krug)
Yeule (Picture: Neil Krug)

Yeule has shared ‘Sulky Baby’, their first track of 2023, as well as announcing their signing to Ninja Tune records.

The multidimensional artist, whose real name is Nat Ćmiel, has leaned into shoegaze and alt rock for the new track, inspired by their own interest in the genre in recent years.

“For the last 3 years I think the post punk emo alt-rock 90s and early millennia music I had listened to so often were feedbacking out into my own songwriting,” Ćmiel told Rolling Stone UK.

“When I was writing a lot of tech glitchy electronica, I was listening to a lot of it. I noticed tastes have shifted as I’m trying to tap into a very specific timestamp of emo-alt-core music.  I took what I loved from alt rock and roll and transformed it in a cyber-twee alt post punk emo electronica kind of way… It’s like rock and roll on a flower bed, a rendered polaroid of the era.”

They added: “I like songs that make me feel nostalgic, but seem almost uncanny.

“It’s that raw sound of confessional alt emo yet there are bitcrushed field recordings of a flower field going through a compressor. I still remember where I recorded these sounds in my memory. But someone else who hears it hears a permutation or fragment of it. So, just like each time a memory fragment is revisited, these familiar sounds get more distorted as time goes by.”

As for the creation of the track, Ćmiel explained how they teamed up with Kin Leonn – an ambient artist from Singapore.

“I wrote notes to myself in my journal, letters I can only open up a few years later,” they explained.

“When I wrote ‘Sulky Baby’, I opened up the page and recited every word on the page. There were scribbles everywhere, so I just left those as it were. It’s like half a dream recall and half a critique on self.”

While more music is said to be in the offing, as well as a US & UK tour, Yeule says their new home of Ninja Tune is the perfect place for their artistry.

“The creative trajectory is shapeshifting, and Ninja Tune was the most versatile with their views on artistic direction as most of my creative pitches often tend to be fringe in conceptual aspects,” they added.

“I admire the team’s work ethic and tastes, and they’ve also worked with other creatives I know and love to this day, it feels nice to be with them!”

Tour Dates:

10/10 – Chicago, IL @ Metro
15/10- New York, NY @ Webster Hall
19/10 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Fonda
11/12 – London, UK @ Outernet