'Yoda' Spotted In Medieval Manuscript About Monsters

Recognise him, you might!

Yoda has been spotted in a medieval manuscript stored in the British Library… or he could just be a medieval monster.

The amazing image was uploaded onto the museum’s Twitter account, and eagle-eyed ‘Star Wars’ fans were quick to notice the similarity between the critter and the diminutive Jedi Master (below).


The image is taken from Medieval Monsters, in which: “medieval historian Damien Kempf and art historian Maria L. Gilbert explore the fantastic, grotesque and exuberant world of monsters in the Middle Ages through the images found in illuminated manuscripts, from dragons and demons to Yoda and hybrid creatures”.

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Yes, even the academics who wrote the book agree that the creature looks rather a lot like Yoda.

He’d only the only film character to have been around in medieval Europe however, as Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky is also clearly depicted in a Vatican fresco.


Image Credit: The British Library

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