Yorkshire driver ordered to pay almost £1,500 after dropping litter from his car window

Carlton Road in Worksop (Photo: Google)
Carlton Road in Worksop (Photo: Google)

On January 31 this year, a member of the public witnessed waste being thrown from the passenger window of a black ford focus on Carlton Road, Worksop. A DVLA search of the car’s licence plate showed it belonged to Luke Banton of Broom Avenue, Rotherham.

Banton was twice invited to undertake a written interview under caution. He failed to respond on either occasion. He was then invited to attend an interview under caution at Bassetlaw District Council offices on 16th March 2023, which he also failed to attend.

As the registered owner of the vehicle, Banton was issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice which gave him 28 days to pay £100. When no payment was received the case was then taken to court. Banton was invited to and failed to attend Mansfield Magistrates Court on July 27. The case was proven in his absence and he was ordered to pay a fine and costs within 28 days.

Councillor Darrel Pulk, cabinet member for environment and energy at Bassetlaw District Council, said: “This case is a great example of how the public can work with us to help catch those littering in our district.

“Throwing litter from a vehicle can be dangerous for other vehicles, our wildlife and shows a total lack of respect for our residents and local community. I can think of far better things to spend £1500 on. So please, take your litter home with you and put it in a bin, otherwise it could be very costly.”

Bassetlaw District Council’s current ‘Don’t be a Tos53r campaign’ is focusing on the issue of drivers and passengers throwing rubbish from their vehicles.