Young Bond prequel adaptations receive disappointing update

daniel craig, james bond, no time to die
Young Bond prequel adaptations get updateUniversal

James Bond is one of the biggest film franchises of all time but it looks like the 007 universe won't be expanding into prequels anytime soon, according to Bond novelist Charlie Higson.

Higson wrote a series of novels from 2005 until 2008 that detailed a young James Bond's adventures as an up-and-coming spy learning his trade.

There were rumours that production company Eon could one day adapt these novels into a film series to expand the Bond cinematic universe but, in an interview with Radio Times, Higson has told fans he doesn't think a young Bond film will ever actually happen.

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"When the Young Bond books came out... Eon automatically own all screen rights to Bond and back then they were relaunching Bond with Daniel Craig, [it was] set in the modern world, all of that, and the last thing they wanted was to muddy the waters with a series about a young Bond set in the 1930s," Higson said.

"But, you know, the world of media has evolved so much since then. The big thing now is 'the universe' – might they be planning a James Bond universe? Who knows? But they probably have no interest in making Young Bond."

What the Bond filmmakers have to do first of all, however, before any universe is carved out, is decide who is going to be the next 007.

daniel craig, james bond, no time to die

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That is still very much up in the air, although fans think that Richard Madden could be the new Bond. However, No Time to Die star Ana de Armas has already picked her preferred Bond actor: Normal People's Paul Mescal.

"I think Paul Mescal should be the one," de Armas said, with her Ghosted co-star, Chris Evans, adding: "Paul Mescal's great."

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