Hairdressers And Barbers, Share With Me The Juiciest Confessions Your Clients Have Revealed To You

If you are in the service industry, you know what it's like to work closely with others and have them open up to you.

a woman getting her hair cut
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Specifically for hairdresers and barbers, you're working on someone's hair — which is a very personal thing — and you're making people feel their best.

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In doing so, people feel comfortable opening up and sharing different parts of their life. I know I chew my hairdresser's ear off, and she knows all about my life.

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So I'm turning to the hairdressers and barbers of the BuzzFeed Community to ask, what's the wildest confession you've heard from a client?

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Maybe your married client admitted to you that she's having an affair with her family's nanny.

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Perhaps your client is the assistant to someone really famous, and he tells you all their gossip.

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Or maybe your client told you she was found guilty of a crime and was arrested as a result.

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Whatever the juicy client confessions you have are, share them with me in this anonymous form or in the comments below!