If You're Tired Of Cosmos, Try The Metropolitan Cocktail

Three cosmopolitans with lime wheels
Three cosmopolitans with lime wheels - Fabian Montano/Getty Images

"Sex and The City" has inspired countless individuals to order a cosmopolitan -- or cosmo -- at their local bars, and for good reason — it tastes delicious, looks classy, and has a hearty helping of booze. This pretty-in-pink beverage -- made from citrus vodka, lime, cranberry juice, and orange liqueur -- is a go-to for many people. But if you've found yourself sipping on cosmos for some time now and want to branch out, there's a relatively new cocktail on the block that you might just like — the metropolitan.

This is another fruity cocktail from the 1990s that's ideal for a ladies' night, and it's fairly similar to the cosmopolitan; all it calls for is one simple ingredient swap. If you want to try this new-to-you beverage, you'll need to know the ins and outs of those recipe tweaks. If vodka isn't your thing, it pays to know about another version of the metropolitan, which is sort of like a brandy-based manhattan.

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A Closer Look At What Goes Into A Metropolitan, The Cosmo's Cousin

Metropolitan cocktail with sugar rim
Metropolitan cocktail with sugar rim - 5PH/Shutterstock

The metropolitan cocktail is thought to hail from New York City. It seems to have been inspired by the classic cosmopolitan since it's incredibly similar. Like a cosmo, this drink calls for cranberry juice, vodka, lime juice, and a dash of orange liqueur. However, what sets it apart is that rather than using a citrus variety, this drink typically uses blackcurrant vodka. Blackcurrants have a flavor similar to a tart cherry with earthy, tangy notes, giving your beverage a different profile. Some blackcurrant vodkas are quite sweet, which strikes a nice balance with the lime and makes for an easy-to-drink cocktail.

Apart from the ingredients in the drink, metropolitans and cosmos often look pretty similar, though the metropolitan may have a slightly darker hue, depending on the color of the vodka you use. As for the garnish, you can use a citrus wheel or a twist of orange zest, also common picks for cosmopolitans.

There are also some variations on this beverage. Some of these versions stick with a standard vodka and add blackcurrant cream to the drink to get that fruity feel. Others swap the blackcurrant vodka for a raspberry-flavored one instead.

What About The Brandy-Based Metropolitan?

Person holding cocktail in coupe
Person holding cocktail in coupe - Matias Cornalino/Shutterstock

If you're up for branching out from your standard cosmo and trying something slightly different, the brandy-based metropolitan could be an ideal selection. This cocktail is older than its vodka counterpart and is still popular as a classic adult-only drink.

You'll need just four ingredients to make this metropolitan variant: Brandy, sweet vermouth, bitters, and simple syrup. It's usually shaken over ice and then strained into your glass. Unlike the cosmopolitan-like metropolitan, this drink doesn't typically get a garnish to finish it off, although you could throw in a cocktail cherry if you'd like. You'll enjoy a drink with a bit of body and a taste similar to a manhattan. So, whether you go for a brandy metropolitan or opt for the blackcurrant vodka version, you've got plenty of new drinks up your sleeve to bust out next time you head to the bar.

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