YouTubers can’t stop parodying a model’s ASMR video with an expensive car

A recent take on the ASMR trend racked up more than 2.5 million views on YouTube and spawned countless parody videos in the past two months.

The viral video — uploaded by the Russian YouTube channel JETCAR — features a model posing in and around a brand-new Bentley, which averages around $300,000. But instead of showing any of the luxury car’s features, the woman taps her nails against its metal trim, runs her hand over the steering wheel and whispers “Bentley” before she gets inside.

What she’s doing is a form of ASMR, or “autonomous sensory meridian response,” which PsychCentral describes as a tingling or calming sensation people experience from certain stimuli, including sounds, touch and visuals.

The sensory trend has become pretty popular on social media, where users frequently share videos of common ASMR triggers like soft whispering or gentle tapping.

But lately, the Bentley video seems to be going viral not just for its ASMR but for its unintentional ability to be parodied by people with way cheaper cars.

In one parody video, YouTuber Just Sul recreates the original clip with a used pick-up truck from the Indian car manufacturer Tata. Just like the woman in the Bentley video, Just Sul flicks the brand’s emblem on the front of the car, runs his fingers along the grill and touches the rim of the tire.

In another video, which has since brought in more than 24 million views, YouTuber Tyler Butterworth recreates the Bentley clip with a military Humvee.

In it, Butterworth taps the front of the utility vehicle before whispering “Humvee” and climbing inside. Once the car is on, Butterworth revs the engine and attempts to open and close the glove compartment, just like the woman in the Bentley video.

That’s when he suddenly pauses and remembers, “We don’t have one.”

Austrian YouTuber Petutschnig Hons aus Schlatzing even made one parody featuring his trusty Steyr tractor, which is staggeringly low-tech in comparison to the Bentley. To date, that video has earned 5.5 million views and counting.

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