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Zack Snyder developing standalone 'Star Wars' film?

Update: Zack Snyder's reps moved quickly to deny a staggering story in Vulture: that he is working on a standalone 'Star Wars' film set alongside the upcoming trilogy that is a loose remake of Akira Kurosawa's classic film 'Seven Samurai'.

However, within hours a spokesperson for Snyder told The Hollywood Reporter: "While he is super flattered because he is a huge fan, Zack is not involved in any way with the new 'Star Wars'. He is currently in post on his two films, 'Man of Steel' and '300: Battle of Artemisia'".

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Rumours... is Snyder developing Star Wars spin-off? (Credit: LucasFilm/Wenn)

While the denial doesn't totally rule out Snyder working on a 'Star Wars' project at some point, it seems the '300' director won't visit a galaxy far, far away for the foreseeable future.

After his company's acquisition of LucasFilm last year Disney CEO Bob Iger said that their long term plan "is to release a new 'Star Wars' feature film every two to three years" after 'Episode 7'.

However, all that has been confirmed so far about Disney's upcoming 'Star Wars' films is that Michael Arndt ('Toy Story 3') is writing 'Episode VII'.

Snyder is currently in post-production on his latest project 'Man of Steel', a reboot of the Superman series.