Zack Snyder explains departure from 2017’s Justice League: ‘There was no fight in me’

Louis Chilton
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Zack Snyder pictured in 2016 (Getty Images)
Zack Snyder pictured in 2016 (Getty Images)

Zack Snyder has opened up about his reasons for leaving the DC Comics film Justice League in 2017.

The 300 filmmaker is currently re-editing the film for a re-release on HBO Max, after fans spent years petitioning Warner Bros to “release the Snyder cut”.

Snyder left Justice League midway through production following the death of his daughter, with Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Joss Whedon taking over directorial duties for the remainder of the film.

In a forthcoming book entitled Release the Snyder Cut, Snyder suggests he would have needed to argue with the studio over the film’s creative direction had he stayed on.

“I just was kind of done with it,” he said (via “I was in this place of [knowing] my family needs me more than this bulls***, and I just need to honour them and do the best I can to heal that world.

“I had no energy to fight [the studio], and fight for [the movie]. Literally, zero energy for that. I really think that's the main thing.”

Snyder added that he could imagine “a different world” where he remained on the project and “kind of tried”.

"I'm sure I could have because every movie is a fight, right? I was used to that. But I just did not have the [energy]. There was no fight in me.

“I had been beaten by what was going on in my life and I just didn't want to, I didn’t care to ... that was kind of where I was.”

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is scheduled for release in the US on HBO Max in March 2021.

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