Zack Snyder shares update on Rebel Moon's R-rated extended cut

Zack Snyder says the extended cuts of Rebel Moon will 'flesh out the world' and could be considered more of 'an alternate universe than an extended version.'

Rebel Moon - Part 2: The Scargiver is on Netflix from 19 April.

Video transcript

KIM TAYLOR FOSTER: What do you think the reaction will be to the director's cut?

ZACK SNYDER: It's just going to be a lot deeper dive of everything. They're both an hour longer than the PG-13. And they're both-- you know, a lot of scenes that we shot exclusively for that version of the movie. It's more of an alternate universe than, say, like, an extended version. I would say, like, it's much more-- like, because the in-scene stuff is-- in a few of the in-scene scenes, it's different.

You know? So it's very weird. It's, like, a weird, other-- you know, like, if you were to go forward and make another movie and you were going to do another director's cut, they might diverge even more. Like, it's hard to-- like, they might end up in these two entirely different, like, parallel sort of, you know, experiences.

STAZ NAIR: The reaction is not up to us. You know what I mean? We always, sort of-- what creative person who's put their time, blood, sweat, and tears into a project doesn't want the reaction to be positive ultimately? But I just hope it's a deeper dive, which I believe it is, into the worlds that Zack has spent 30 decades imagining and then creating over 10 years. And I think it's probably-- I believe it's, in many ways, at least in my opinion, a more realistic kind of depiction of what I think a dystopian future would kind of look like

SOFIA BOUTELLA: It's more raw.

STAZ NAIR: It's more raw.

SOFIA BOUTELLA: It's more raw.



ED SKREIN: I just want to see it for myself because of-- that's the movie we shot. I feel like shooting this in an-- the R-rated version that we shot-- which is what we shot, you know? They did an amazing job to fashion these together.


ED SKREIN: But the R-rated versions, like, that was some crazy [BLEEP].

STAZ NAIR: Definitely, when they both come out, I'm just going to have, like, two coffees and then just sit. And just six and a half hours, just--

KIM TAYLOR FOSTER: With toilet breaks?

STAZ NAIR: Yes, there would have to be toilet breaks.

SOFIA BOUTELLA: No, you can't. You have to go before. You have to hold it.

STAZ NAIR: I have, like, the bladder of a small fish. I have--

SOFIA BOUTELLA: What do small fish--

STAZ NAIR: They have a very simple digestive system. They pee very quickly. It comes in and out very fast, yeah.