As Zendaya Celebrates Birthday By Responding To Hilarious Fan Posts, Her Disney Channel Co-Star Bella Thorne Sent A Sweet Message

 From left to right: A screenshot of Bella Thorne and Zendaya with their hands in the air making silly faces in the opening credits for Shake It Up.
From left to right: A screenshot of Bella Thorne and Zendaya with their hands in the air making silly faces in the opening credits for Shake It Up.

If you are a child of the early 2000s, like me, then Shake It Up was likely a Disney Channel staple, and Zendaya and Bella Thorne’s friendship on the show was absolute goals. These days, we sadly don’t see the two actresses together anymore. However, while the Dune star responded to her fans’ silly and heartfelt birthday wishes, Thorne took to Instagram to show some love for her too, and I’m overjoyed about it.

Zendaya's Shake It Up Co-Star Bella Thorne Wished Her A Happy Birthday

My excitement levels about seeing Bella Thorne wish Zendaya a happy birthday mirrors the enthusiasm their characters, CeCe and Rocky, had when they found out they both got onto Shake It Up. It’s quite rare that we see the two former Disney Channel stars interact in any way publicly, so this comment is a pretty big deal if you ask me.

Zendaya posted this adorable photo to Instagram from her childhood to thank everyone for the “kind words and constant support,” check it out:

Then, Thorne took to the comments to show some love for the Rocky to her CeCe as she wrote:

Happy birthday Z! ❤️❤️❤️

A few years ago, Bella Thorne opened up about being “pitted” against Zendaya during their Disney Channel days. The two weren’t close because of it during the first season of Shake It Up, however, as the show went on the two women became closer.

Now, it seems like they still support and care for one another, and that makes my little Shake It Up loving heart so happy!

How Zendaya Has Been Interacting With Fans On Her Birthday

You know what also makes me happy? Seeing Zendaya respond to some other seriously caring and funny posts created to honor her 27th birthday. After spending last weekend in Oakland with Tom Holland doing community service, this weekend she’s celebrating her big day and showing her appreciation for her fans. Much like the love shown in Thorne’s comment for the Challengers actress, Zendaya made sure the fans knew how she appreciated their messages as she posted this on X:

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In the spirit of nostalgia and the Disney Channel days, Zendaya commented three pink hearts on a post all about what it has been like to see her grow up from Shake It Up to where she is now. @missdayholland posted:

so you're telling me that zendaya, this little girl right here, that i've watched for years on my tv screen since i was just as little and now movie theater as an adult, is turning 27 tomorrow?? 🥺 i truly grew up with her

Tom Holland revealed to BuzzFeed Celeb a while back that Zendaya loves memes, and sends them to him constantly. So, with that in mind, some fans sent her truly wild posts that leaned into this adoration, and she was so here for it. For example, one fan posted a hilarious bouquet of Shreks, and she loved it:

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She was also on X responding to fans who were posting about her iconic reaction faces. Not only was this a fun birthday gift for her, but her response to it was a hilarious present for all of us. Check it out:

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It’s clear as day that Zendaya loves her fans just as much as they love her. It’s also apparent that those she has worked with adore her too, as Bella Thorne’s comment showed.

Ever since Shake It Up premiered in 2010, it’s been so much fun to watch Zendaya grow up into the star she is today. These days, she’s a prestigious actress and artist, who is also considered one of the most fashionable celebrities. And I know I, along with her fans and friends, can’t wait to see what she does next!

Sadly, we won’t be able to see Zendaya on the 2023 movie schedule because Challengers and Dune: Part Two were pushed back to the 2024 film schedule due to the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. However, you can go back and watch her and Bella Thorne play besties on the iconic Disney Channel show Shake It Up with a Disney+ subscription.