Zendaya reveals what Serena Williams said after watching Challengers movie

mike faist, zendaya and josh o'connor sit on a bed in challengers
Zendaya reveals Serena Williams' Challengers notesWarner Bros.

Zendaya has revealed what tennis legend Serena Williams really thinks about her new movie Challengers.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Zendaya said she hadn't yet discussed her new tennis movie with Venus Williams but shared that Serena had given her some feedback.

"She was like, 'I know there definitely weren't real [tennis] balls,'" said Zendaya, recalling their conversation. "She knows. She's the best of the best."

mike faist, zendaya and josh o'connor sit on a bed in challengers
Warner Bros.

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Despite apologising to the Williams sisters for her tennis skills in the past, Zendaya received praise from Serena, who called the movie "great".

"She did say that it was great considering that I had never, never touched a tennis ball before."

Meanwhile, the Euphoria star also got a thumbs-up from her family, even after her more risqué scenes. "They all know the rating of the movie. They know what it's about. They've been forewarned. And they've all seen Euphoria, so it's not like our first rodeo or anything," she said.

"It was funny 'cause obviously I've seen the movie many times, so I know what's coming. They were all sitting behind me, and I got to watch them watch and slowly just be like, 'Oh God.'"

zendaya in challengers
Warner Bros.

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Her Challengers co-stars Mike Faist and Josh O'Connor discussed the filming process when it comes to those awkward scenes. "That's the magic of filmmaking, is what comes out of the screen," O'Connor said.

"When I was watching it, it's really racy, really exciting, on the edge of your seat. In reality, we laughed. [During the] three-way kiss scene, there's a guy really close to us holding a boom and a camera right here."

Zendaya added: "It's not just the three of us. It's a whole crew also who's a part of the scenes."

Challengers will be released in the UK on April 26.

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