Zendaya unveils blonde hair transformation

zendaya with blonde hair at the challengers premiere in sydney, australia
Zendaya unveils blonde hair transformationJames Gourley - Getty Images

Zendaya has unveiled a blonde hair transformation on Instagram.

The actress, who is currently promoting her new movie Challengers, took to her page to share the new look in a brief clip, accompanied by Nelly Furtado classic 'Maneater'.

"Challengers start now….. @challengersmovie," the star captioned the clip.

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Zendaya has received a huge amount of praise in the comments, one person writing: "Versatility is incredible!"

"The hair is everything," another commented, while a third added: "Ugh LOVE the hair."

The star, who recently appeared in Dune: Part Two, spoke last year about taking on Challengers, saying the movie was a "good step" for her career.

zendaya with blonde hair and a green maxi tennis dress at the challengers premiere in sydney, australia
Brendon Thorne - Getty Images

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The film from director Luca Guadagnino sees Zendaya play Tashi Duncan, a former tennis prodigy-turned-coach for her husband Art (Mike Faist), who is facing off against her ex-boyfriend Patrick (Josh O'Connor) as he tries to revive his playing career.

"I felt like it was a good step into a more, I guess you could say, 'grown-up' role and into that next phase," she told Elle, noting that it was her "first time" playing a lead female role.

"It was a little bit scary to take on, which I think is a good feeling. To be like, 'Ooh, can I do this?' You could run from that feeling and stay safe and comfortable, or you can go, 'You know what, f**k it.'"

mike faist, zendaya, josh o'connor at the challengers premiere in sydney, australia
Don Arnold - Getty Images

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Meanwhile, Zendaya recently spoke to Digital Spy about returning to the role of Chani in Dune: Part Two, opening up on her character's relationship with Timothée Chalamet's Paul.

"I think it's far more than a love interest, so much as a complicated relationship that love gets in the way of," she explained ahead of the movie's release.

"And how are these two characters going to reconcile with that? I don't know how they get over it. I don't know what their future holds. Without giving it away, it ain't pretty."

Challengers will be released in the UK on April 26.

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