Zookeepers Recreating Chris Pratt’s Jurassic World Raptor Pack Pose

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Here’s one part of ‘Jurassic World’ fandom that - we’ve got to admit - we did NOT see coming. It seems the blockbuster dino-fourquel has found an enclave of fans amongst the zookeeper community.

Keepers and animal trainers around the world are are donning waistcoats like Pratt’s raptor wrangler Owen Grady and recreating the iconic raptor pack pose with whatever animals they can get up close and personal with.

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From walruses and chickens, to flamingos and rhinos, every corner of the animal kingdom is getting involved. The Nerdist has rounded up a comprehensive collection here, but here’s some of the best below.


Above: feminerds.tumblr.com


Above: Jason Smyth


Above: Lion Country Safari


Above: Auckland Zoo


From: Greensboro Science Center


Above: Woodland Park Zoo

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Image credits: Instagram/Universal/Twitter

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