'Zootopia' Lego Statue an Amazing Tribute — Too Bad It Wasn't Childproof


Zhao’s Lego re-creation of ‘Zootopia’ fox Nick Wilde, pre-destruction (All images: Weibo)

The age-old maxim that it’s hard to build but easy to destroy was proven yet again this past weekend — all thanks to a young boy’s reckless love of Zootopia.

As reported by The Shanghaiist, an intrepid artist named Zhao recently spent three days constructing a large statue of Zootopia’s con-artist fox Nick Wilde out of Lego blocks for display at a shopping mall in Ningbo, China. Zhao took photos to document the construction of this replica (which reportedly required thousands of dollars’ worth of Lego materials).


However, mere hours after its public debut, disaster struck when a young boy bypassed a velvet-rope barrier and knocked the entire thing down, in the process just about completely ruining Zhao’s creation (only one-third of which was held together with glue).


Apparently, the child’s parents apologized for their son’s careless behavior. For his part, Zhao has refused to accept any reimbursement for the damage caused to his Disney-inspired handiwork, which lives on in the above photos.

Kids — you can’t take them anywhere.

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