10 Classic Kids Movie In-Jokes That Will Blow Your Mind

Whether they?re classics from the Eighties or part of the beloved new crop, the following films continue to enthral audiences of all ages.

But have you spotted the Easter eggs hiding within? We dug into the kids movie archive to find some of the best in-jokes. How many did you know about? Let us know below.

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Vehicular groupies get naked in ?Cars?


Anyone who?s ever been to a grand prix knows quite how excitable certain female fans can get when Jensen Button or Lewis Hamilton are nearby. So it?s authentic ? though a bit naughty ? to have two lady motors flashing their lamps at Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson). There?s no metal nudity as such, but adult viewers certainly get the gist.

ET, Ewoks, Mickey Mouse and more get cameos in ?The Neverending Story?


Fantasia is a pretty eclectic place judging by one of the early scenes at the Ivory Tower.

You have to look closely during the 1984 movie, but director Wolfgang Petersen (who?d go on to ?Air Force One? and ?Troy? amongst others) managed to include a host of alien characters from parts of pop culture. They include Ewoks, Yoda and Chewbacca from the ?Star Wars? universe, ET and Mickey Mouse.

?Toy Story? contains a character who?s a prostitute


Imagine the ?Toy Story? script discussion: someone pitches Woody having a vociferous appetite for illicit sex, particularly with women who charge for it?er, right. We might not get that particular subplot, but look closely and the animators did throw in a frisky-looking toy. One part sexy legs, the other a fishing rod ? together, ladies and gentlemen, a ?hooker?.

Despicable dig at the financial crisis


It?s mildly ironic, a multinational corporation like Universal Pictures (owned by Comcast) taking a dig at the bankers who helped cause the credit crunch.

But in the Steve Carell-starring cartoon, take a quick look on the Bank Of Evil sign (the institution where villains store their cash) and you?ll see that it was ?Formerly Lehman Brothers?, the real-life investment bank which went bankrupt as a result of the financial crisis.

Who?s that Jedi freaking out ET?


George Lucas and Steven Spielberg remain bezzas to this day, so it?s unsurprising that the latter threw in a nod to his mate?s famous green ?Star Wars? creation when a be-sheeted ET and the kids head out during Hallowe?en.

N.B. There?s an online fan theory which suggests there?s a bit more to this meeting, thanks to fellow ETs showing up in the Galactic Senate during ?The Phantom Menace?. Maybe ET knows what the Force is? Has he been on holiday to Dagobah?

Donald Trump meets Macaulay Culkin


The whole premise of 1992?s ?Home Alone? sequel is that Kevin McCallister (Culkin) is at sea in the Big Apple. And who better to ask directions than the Donald?

The joke here goes a little deeper though (and maybe has some commercial implications) ? Culkin is seen in the lobby of the Plaza Hotel when he talks to the man whose Native American name is Dude With Stupid Hair. Trump owns the building. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Pixar lamp shows up in ?WALL-E?


Luxo Jr ? aka the famous Pixar angle-poise lamp which makes up its logo ? makes a clever appearance in ?WALL-E?, highlighting the quirky robot?s desire for the friend.

Along with a loo seat and paint roller, it?s part of our hero?s attempt to create a buddy for his time on Earth. It?s no Wilson the volleyball, but it?s pretty impressive.

The Little Mermaid mans a desk in ?Enchanted?


?Enchanted? is one big homage to Disney musicals and cartoons of yore, but other than the songs, princesses and animation, how else does it wink to Walt?s past? Well, you may not immediately recognise that receptionist, but you?ll certainly know her in 2D ? it?s Jodi Benson, aka Ariel in ?The Little Mermaid?.

?Gremlins? smiley face is actually reference to werewolf movie ?The Howling?


The 1984 classic kids-comedy-horror was produced by Steven Spielberg who hired Joe Dante as director after watching his work on 1981 werewolf film ?The Howling?.

In ?Gremlins?, Dante paid homage to his previous effort with the inclusion of a smiley face sticker on hero Billy?s fridge. In ?The Howling?, the serial killer which sparks the narrative leaves a smiley face sticker as his calling card.

?Frozen? bogey disclaimer


You have to stay pretty late in the movie to see the best ?Frozen? in-joke, which refers to Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and his assertion about a certain bad male nasal habit.

The filmmakers snuck a witty disclaimed into the end credits chastising their character for suggesting such a thing. Goodness Kris, next you?ll be saying all men leave the toilet seat up!

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