10 Glaring Mistakes In Disney Movies

Disney’s movies may stand the test of time, but they don’t always stand up to close scrutiny. For example, did you spot these mistakes from classic Disney movies the first time around? Will you be able to watch them the same way ever again?

‘The Lion King’ – Nala’s eyes change colour

Credit: Disney

All of the animals in ‘The Lion King’ go through big changes, but even Simba’s journey can’t compare to Nala’s transformation – her eyes frequently change colour from blue to green. In the first movie, the lioness’s peepers are mostly green but occasionally appear blue; then, to make things worse, in the sequel, The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, Nala’s eyes are blue ALL the time. Someone wasn’t paying attention!

‘Frozen’ – Elsa’s hair runs through her arm

Credit: reddit.com/user/Sutekhy

If you’ve ever listened to a Disney director’s commentary, you’ll know the hair is often the hardest thing to animate. However, ‘Frozen’ is home to some of the most stunning animation techniques in Disney’s history – you’d think by 2013 the Disney animators would have figured out how to do a ponytail! During Elsa’s triumphant performance of ‘Let It Go’, the ice queen lets her hair run through her hand, but it seems to phase straight through her shoulder. It’s a hypnotic movie mistake but hardly one that spoils the movie’s magic.

‘Monsters University’ – The whole plot

Credit: Rex Features

Never mind a single moment: the whole premise of Disney-Pixar’s prequel ‘Monsters University’ is based on an oversight. It tells the story of how Mike and Sulley met as teenage monsters at college, graduating from adversaries to best friends. However, in predecessor ‘Monsters Inc’, Mike tells Sulley: “You’ve been jealous of my looks since the fourth grade, pal!” Director Dan Scanlon explained the goof: “We joke that that’s just an old monster expression, ‘You’ve been jealous of my good looks since the fourth grade!’. That’s what monsters always say to each other.” Mmm-hmm. Sure.

‘Toy Story’ – Backwards walkie talkies

Credit: Disney

We all know the scene where Woody orders the Green Army Men to report on Andy’s new birthday present: Sarge commands a troop downstairs armed with one half of a Playskool baby monitor, while Woody and the gang listen intently on the other half. The only problem is, the walkie that Sarge has doesn’t have the microphone on it – he just has the handheld receiver.

Credit: Disney

Woody has the mic. So really, Sarge and the troops would be hearing Woody discussing what they thought the gift was, not the other way around.

‘Beauty And The Beast’ – Beast’s magic poster

Credit: Disney

How’s about this for a temporal head-scratcher? The movie tells us that a curse was placed on the Prince when he was a boy: we know that Beast has until he turns 21 to reverse the curse, and Lumiere tells us he’s been cursed for ten years. This means that the Prince was just 11 when the Enchantress cursed him. So how can it be possible that Beast has a portrait of his adult self in his attic? What sorcery is this? That’s some Dorian Gray type shenanigans right there.

‘Tangled’ – Flynn’s shackles

Credit: Disney

This goof isn’t a dealbreaker, but it is an obvious one you probably clocked the first time you watched the 2010 movie. When Rapunzel rescues Flynn at the end of the movie, we see the young adventurer has his hands shackled. Then, he tenderly touches Rapunzel’s face, and his wrists are clearly not shackled. Then, when we cut back to the wide shot, Flynn’s shackles are intact once more. Clearly the animators wanted a nice moment between the pair and didn’t want clunky chains in the shot ruining the moment.

‘Aladdin’ – Magic boxer shorts

Credit: Disney

This one is a cute little gag that doesn’t quite work, but we see why Disney’s kept the mistake in – you can’t have bare bottoms in a Disney movie! We see a prospective partner of Princess Jasmine’s leave the Sultan’s palace in disgrace, flashing a torn patch in his trousers which shows a flash of those classic cartoon boxers: red hearts on white cotton. However, when we pop outside to visit Jasmine’s pet tiger Rajah, he has a ripped section of those same boxers in his mouth – yes, the ones that were still intact on the guy’s butt. Unless he was carrying a spare pair, which would be super weird.

‘The Little Mermaid’ – Three pronged fork

Credit: Disney

Ariel is astonished when she first spies a fork in some underwater wreckage, and we see it gleaming in the murk, four prongs in total. Then, when the shot changes and Ariel swims over to collect it, the fork very clearly then has only three prongs. A basic continuity gaff it may be, but far more pressing is this issue: how does Ariel not know what a fork is, given her father, King Triton, basically carries a giant one around all day?

‘Cinderella’ – Shapeshifting wedding dress

Credit: Disney

It’s reportedly the dress that inspired Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding look – that’s how iconic Cinderella’s wedding attire is. Someone should have told Disney’s animators, because in the space of two shots, they forget what it looks like. When Cinders and the Prince enter the carriage, the dress has long sleeves, but when the carriage moves away, Cinderella’s dress is clearly short-sleeved. Unless our Disney Princess rolled her sleeves up for a bout of arm-wrestling with her new hubby, we’ll write this one off as a blunder.

‘Zootropolis’ – Judy’s long phone call

Credit: Disney

Another continuity error that was easily fixable. We see city cop Judy pick up a call on her phone from her parents back in Bunnyburrow, and when we see her phone’s facia, we can see the time is clearly 8.40pm. However, when she hangs up a few short minutes later, the phone’s lock screen is visible and displays the time 9.44pm. I know conversations with your parents can seem like they last for hours, but this is ridiculous…

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