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Mark Ruffalo – Infinity War

The Hulk star was trying to swerve Thor: Ragnarok spoilers at the D23 Expo in 2017 but then ended up giving away a major Infinity War spoiler instead. “Wait until you see this next one, everybody dies,” Ruffalo laughs before realising what a monumental mistake he had made.
Don Cheadle was unimpressed though and funnily enough, it barely got spoken about at the time. The clip went viral after the release of Infinity War so the actor kind of got away with it.

Marvel stars who accidentally gave away massive spoilers

Hanna Flint

Marvel does its very best to stop spoilers being leaked but every now and then one sneaks free and usually, it’s down to a star.

During press tours and interviews a fair few actors have prematurely revealed information about future movies before the release and it’s surprising they’ve lived to tell the tale.

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From first time to repeat offenders, here is 12 times Marvel stars have spoiled their movies.