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Bridget Fonda – Snow Queen (2002)

‘Let it goooo, let it gooo!’ Yep, Bridget Fonda let her acting career go after her appearance in Snow Queen, a TV movie based on the same fairy-tale as Frozen.
Snow Queen aired in 2002 and Fonda hasn’t acted again, which – if you’ve seen how good she is in movies like Single White Female and Jackie Brown – is a tragedy. She did get married to Tim Burton’s composer Danny Elfman, though – so that’s nice.

14 movie roles that killed careers

Sam Ashurst

It’s not easy being an actor. For every role that can change your life for the better (imagine Chris Evans’ career without Captain America: The First Avenger) there are the parts that can derail your IMDB CV completely.

Here are the movie roles that some of the brightest hopes in Hollywood couldn’t recover from.

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