47 Ronin posters show Keanu Reeves’ Samurai

Leaked promos for Japanese action-epic find their way online

Update: We've taken down these posters at the request of Universal.

Posters for long-delayed fantasy-action ‘47 Ronin’ have been leaked online, showing off Keanu Reeves’ samurai warrior.

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Directed by Carl Erik Rinsch, ’47 Ronin’ tells the stylised story of a real-life band of 18th century Samurai, who avenge their death of their master after he is forced to commit suicide by the treacherous Lord Kira. It is often called Japan’s national legend.

These leaked posters were originally created for a summer 2012 release date, but following numerous reports of production woes (including Rinsch being “removed” by Universal for not including Keanu in the edit), we’re now actually expecting see the ‘Matrix’ star in action in December 2013.

Reeves, who has been attached to the project since the start, will star alongside an ensemble cast of Japanese actors as Kai - a half-Japanese half-British outcast who teams up with the group. The role was created specifically for the film. Well, you’ve got to shoehorn an American in somehow, haven’t you?