5 best moments from 'The Walking Dead' Season 9 Comic-Con trailer

The Walking Dead returns on 7 October. Thanks to the new Comic-Con trailer, we now have the release date and a whole lot more to get us excited about season 9. Sadly though, Andrew Lincoln has also confirmed that this will be his last season on the show. The Walking Dead without Rick? This really is a new beginning.

Here’s the 5 best moments from The Walking Dead season 9 Comic-Con trailer to get you hyped for the new season.

Rick confirms time jump

It’s probably not news to most fans now that there will be a significant time jump between the end of season 8 and the beginning of 9. The trailer confirms this with Rick heading down into what looks like a cellar. His first words are “It’s been a while”. Just in case you didn’t hear that way up in the cheap seats, we then get shots that also confirm the time jump. The most notable of these are Maggie holding her baby, who is clearly not a newborn anymore. Then there’s the shot of Judith running around happily. The time jump suggests that all has been well for a while. But of course, it wouldn’t be much of a show if conflict didn’t soon rear its ugly head.

Horse riding

One of the coolest things about the season 9 trailer is that the communities seem to be coming along nicely. But their progress comes through going back to basics. There seem to be more primitive weapons and less guns. What gives season 9 a real western vibe is the increasing use of horses for transportation. We mostly see Rick and Michonne riding horses, swinging weapons, and bashing zombie heads in, while Daryl still refuses to give up the motorcycle.

Negan speaks

That shocking decision by Rick to keep Negan alive is bound to have repercussions. Who was Rick talking to down in that cellar at the start of the trailer? Obviously his old pal, the now incarcerated Negan. When Negan finally speaks in the trailer, he sounds as cocksure as ever. Rick finishes discussing the new world they have created, and Negan menacingly responds, “That’s a real pretty picture you paint there Rick. When do I get to see it?” Negan hasn’t changed and is clearly waiting for the day that will inevitably come. He assures Rick, “When it all goes to sh*t, and it will, you make sure you come back and you tell me about that day too.”

Civil War

Of course, Negan is right to some extent. Despite Rick trying to help the remainder of the Saviors to get back on their feet, not everyone is happy. Least of all, Maggie. In the trailer we get hints of the rift between groups developing. Maggie warns Rick that things have to change. Maggie and Michonne have a bit of a stand-off. Daryl seems to be ready to fight everyone and anyone. There is a civil war brewing and the time of peace is bound to come to an end pretty quickly.

The Whisperers?

The final shot of the trailer hints at what could be the arrival of The Whisperers. If you haven’t read the comics and want to know no more, then look away now. Two characters hide from a horde of zombies. The way this is shot and the location that they are in, reminds me of the moment when the Whisperers first appear in the comics. If civil war isn’t enough to get you excited, then this new enemy should be.

What was your favourite moment of the trailer?

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