$500,000 camera stolen from Dumb & Dumber To set

Pricey gear was pinched from a car.

A movie camera worth $500,000 (£309,000) was stolen from the production of forthcoming sequel 'Dumb & Dumber To', it's been reported.

Florida Police are looking into the theft, which occurred as the crew were about to film aerial shots from a helicopter.

“They go in and eat breakfast and someone breaks in while they are eating breakfast. It could be that. It was someone who didn't know what they actually had until he brought it out," said Chamblee Police Sgt. Ernersto Ford.

However, the hi-tech piece of kit is not something that could be sold on outside the movie business, it seems.

“I don't think a person who is not in the industry would even know what it is,” Ford said.

Added Pete Morris, who was working with the helicopter crew: “The camera system comes in nearly a dozen cases. Only the camera itself was stolen, making it useless.

“The camera itself won't work without the other parts and pieces. There's a control board and a power supply for the recording system. They didn't get all that.”

Producers have offered a $5000 reward for the return of the camera.

Pictures have already started emerging from the set of the movie, starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels as Lloyd and Harry, the titular dufuses from the classic 1994 original.

Over the summer, directors the Farrelly brothers announced that a walk-on role was to be given away in the film.

Fans were asked to send in Vine videos, with the best being awarded the role.

The film is being slated for potential release next summer, to coincide with the first movie's 20th anniversary.

Check some sneaked set footage out here...