£50k Star Wars Prop Dismissed As ‘Bit Of Plastic’ By Fiona Bruce On Antiques Roadshow

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A TIE Fighter helmet from the original ‘Star Wars' film caused a stir on 'Antiques Roadshow' last night shocking presenter Fiona Bruce with an eye-watering valuation from the show's experts.

Watch the video above.

Bruce, who tapped the black plastic prop and dismissed it as a “bit of plastic”, seemed appalled by the £40,000-£50,000 price tag afforded to the piece of film history telling the owner “I think to anyone who’s not in your world, [the valuation] is astonishing.”

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Movie memorabilia collector Stephen Lane (or “super-geek” if you ask Bruce) told the presenter that he had acquired the helmet, one of just 12 made for the film, from a senior crew member of the 1977 sci-fi film.

The prop, which had been gifted to the unnamed filmmaker, had apparently been gathering dust “buried in the attic” before Lane bought it for a few thousand pounds a few years back.

Original ‘Star Wars’ props are rare and therefore often exceedingly valuable, with Han Solo’s blaster being listed at auction for £125,000 in December 2013.

A model X-Wing sold at auction for £137,000 in 2012, while a rare Snowtrooper helmet from ‘Empire Strikes Back’ sold for an incredible £171,000 at the same auction.

From Lane’s reaction, he’s not looking to sell the iconic prop any time soon, but if he should, we’d expect the Force to be strong with its market value for many years to come.

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Image credits: BBC One/LucasFilm