8-year-old’s Ghostbusters wish comes true thanks to Dan Aykroyd

Braedan Rios ain’t afraid of no ghosts…

And that’s a good thing, after he suited up as a Ghostbuster.

The 8-year-old ‘Ghostbusters’ fan was whisked away to the Sony Pictures lot by the For The Win Project – a non-profit in Los Angeles which helps fulfil the wishes of sick children.

Braedan, who suffers from bronchomalacia, was given the opportunity to be a real Ghostbuster… and the result is an absolutely awesome trailer, complete with a cameo from none other than Dan Aykroyd himself.

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The 8-year-old ‘Ghostbusters’ fan loves the original movie.

And while it looks as though the future of the ‘Ghostbusters’ franchise might be in jeopardy, it looks as though Dan Aykroyd was happy to give Braedan a role in his own ‘Ghostbusters’ story.

Bustin’ has never made you feel so good.

Braedan Rios gets his own Ghostbusting experience - Credit: For The Win
Braedan Rios gets his own Ghostbusting experience – Credit: For The Win

During a rather cool set visit, the whole experience kicks off when Braedan receives a phone call from Ray Stantz – that’s right, Dan Aykroyd called him up in character to ask for his help as the Stay Puft marshmallow man wreaks havoc on downtown LA.

And they even enlisted the help of some local newscasters to create a rather cool news bulletin of the iconic ‘Ghostbusters’ monster stomping its way towards the Sony lot.

In addition to the awesome trailer, For The Win project even managed to put together a separate video featuring messages of support from none other than ‘Ghostbusters’ director Ivan Reitman as well as the reboot director Paul Feig.

Not to mention this truly awesome poster:

Check out this cool poster - Credit: For The Win
Check out this cool poster – Credit: For The Win

Clearly, Braedan had one hell of a time…

And you have to hand it to Aykroyd for getting involved.

Let’s just hope the next ‘Ghostbusters’ movie is anywhere near as cool.

‘Ghostbusters’ stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones.

Paul Feig directed the film, based on a script he co-wrote with Katie Dippold.

‘Ghostbusters’ is available on DVD and Blu-ray now.

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