Actress Liv Tyler bedridden for 10 days after testing positive for Covid-19

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Hollywood actress Liv Tyler said she was left bedridden for 10 days after testing positive for Covid-19, warning the virus takes a psychological as well as physical toll.

The star of BBC drama Gunpowder wrote on Instagram she was diagnosed on New Year’s Eve, saying the illness “comes on fast, like a locomotive”.

Tyler, a mother of three, said she had to isolate from her children but has since been reunited with them following a “wild two weeks”. They tested negative for Covid-19.

Liv Tyler
Liv Tyler documented her experience with coronavirus in an Instagram post (Ian West/PA)

Armageddon star Tyler, 43, said: “There are so many strange elements to this sickness.

“There is the physical aspects but also emotional and psychological ones too. It F’s with your body and mind equally. Everyday different.

“Being isolated in a room alone for 10 days is trippy to say the least. Waking up to news of our capital being under attack. Was it real or the twilight zone? Ohhh no it was real!!!”

Tyler said she was “floored” by the illness and spent 10 days in bed.

Tyler, whose father is the Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler, said her children raised her spirits while she was ill and slipped messages under her door.

She said: “I missed My babies beyond but they visited my window and called up to me and I watch them play outside. Such a gift.

“They sent little messages and drawings under my door. Reminders of what’s on the other side. What to get better for. I am so grateful to be through it and spent my days alone praying and beaming love to all who are effected and suffering from this.”

Tyler, whose film roles include The Strangers, The Incredible Hulk and Ad Astra, also thanked the frontline workers risking their lives during the pandemic.

She said: “Those who are working tirelessly to protect and care for others. Thank you. We are all connected through this experience. I am Humbled and filled with gratitude.”

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