'Angel Has Fallen' series will have more sequels and potential 'local language' TV spin-offs

Angel Has Fallen (Credit: Lionsgate)
Angel Has Fallen (Credit: Lionsgate)

The action-packed '… Has Fallen' series is planning more sequels and potential local TV spin-offs, according to its producer.

Alan Siegel, who makes the franchise, has said that it is eyeing up a fourth, fifth and sixth movie in the series, which finds Gerard Butler's grizzled secret service man Mike Banning stepping in to sort things out following various disastrous occurrences.

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Butler himself is also a custodian of the franchise, a co-producer with his own G-BASE production company, which he owns with Siegel, who is also the Scottish actor's manager.

Siegel has now said he plans to sell the franchise's intellectual property, meaning that local spin-off series could be made, featuring local actors who could then be weaved into the main movie narratives.

London Has Fallen (Credit: Focus Features)
London Has Fallen (Credit: Focus Features)

“If we do it in India, the star of that could come into Angel Has Fallen 4. It could be a symbiotic relationship,” he said, via Deadline, at the American Film Market’s finance conference.

In the first movie, Banning was tasked with saving Aaron Eckhart's US president after a North Korean assault on the White House.

Then London Has Fallen found our hero foiling a similar terrorist attack on world leaders in London, and then the recently released Angel Has Fallen finding Banning framed for an attack on the US president.

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Combined, the movies, have cost a relatively reasonable $170 million, and have made back over $500 million, so appear to be moderately profitable, thanks to lower than average production costs.

Reviews of the movies have rarely been kind, however.

A.V. Club named London Has Fallen as its worst movie of the year, while Variety called it 'effortlessly racist’ and ‘islamophobic'.

Angel Has Fallen fared a little better, The Hollywood Reporter surmising that it 'may not be appreciably better than the first two instalments... but it's actually more fun'.