Angela Griffin's saucy improvised 'Turn Up Charlie' scene left her bruised

Tom Butler
Senior Editor
Angela Griffin attending the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home Collars and Coats Ball, at Battersea Evolution in London.

Sometimes it’s better to just stick to the script as Angela Griffin found out after improvising a steamy scene with Idris Elba on his new Netflix show Turn Up Charlie.

Talking to Kate Thornton on the latest episode of her White Wine Question Time podcast, Griffin says her ad-lib - which saw her character straddling Elba at a music festival - left her with “deep bruises”.

“In Turn Up Charlie, which is currently on Netflix, there's a scene where we were in Latitude, the festival, and I thought [straddling him] was in the script, but apparently it's not… I just did it all by myself,” shares the former Coronation Street star.

The moment in question comes in episode 6 of the Netflix comedy, in which Elba plays Charlie, a DJ who becomes a nanny. Griffin is Astrid, the sexually-charged manager of Sara, Charlie’s new employer.

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“[Idris] is sat in on a deck chair. I'm sitting in a deck chair, and then I decide that I want to get a bit frisky with him. And so I thought [the script] said ‘so she straddles him’. I kept whacking myself on those bits, the arms. Then I ended up with absolutely massive, very deep bruises that I was very proud of.”

Angela Griffin's Astrid straddles Idris Elba's Charlie in the Netflix comedy show. (Netflix)

It was only later that Griffin realised she’d misread the script.

“I was a little bit embarrassed afterwards when they were kind of ‘Oh my God, it was amazing. It looked really, really great. And you know, it's amazing that you've just decided to do that’.

“I was like, ‘No, I didn't decide to do it - it said that.’ No! There was nowhere, on any script, at any time, no version where it you straddle him and then try and put your hands down his pants.”

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