Anger in France over Sausage Party getting a PG rating

Ben Arnold
Sausage... anger in France over Sausage Party certificate - Credit: Sony
Sausage… anger in France over Sausage Party certificate – Credit: Sony

In the US, it was rated R for restricted, but in France, Seth Rogen’s raunchy animation ‘Sausage Party’ has been deemed suitable for the whole family.

And people are up in arms about it, according to Deadline.

It’s been given the ‘-12’ certificate, equivalent to our PG, which has enraged both Catholic groups and a pressure group which opposes same-sex marriage.

La Manif Pour Tous, meaning ‘the strike for all’, addressed the French certification body directly on Twitter, asking: “Hello CNC, explain how you can authorize the screening of a giant orgy for the whole family?”

The tweet featured a few choice screen shot from some of the offending scenes, including the huge ‘food orgy’ which happens in the film’s third act.

(Credit: Sony)
(Credit: Sony)

Meanwhile, Jean-Frédéric Poisson, the President of the Christian Democratic party added: “An orgy scene for 12-year-olds! Everything remains to be done to combat early exposure to pornography.”

The Association of Catholic Families even went as far as issuing a warning on its website, deemed ‘urgent and important’, adding that ‘an animated film giving the appearance of being intended for young people and children (like Toy Story), but whose content is not only coarse, but also clearly pornographic, under cover of being ‘politically incorrect’.

Another website, Info Chrétienne also warned parents: “Do not let the powerful pornography industry make your children its future zombie and drug addict customers. The effects of pornography on the brain are comparable to those of heroin!”

In the UK, the film was given the arguably more suitable 15 rating, and made a decent £8 million, a fair chunk of the $140 million (£110 million) the movie made around the world.

Featuring an all-star cast – including Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, Michael Cera, James Franco, Danny McBride, Paul Rudd and Ed Norton – it followed the tribulations of a group of groceries who discover the horrible fate of their ilk once they’re bought from a shop.

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