Anger over Pirates of the Caribbean ride's 'PC makeover'

Pirates of the Caribbean (Credit: Disney)
Pirates of the Caribbean (Credit: Disney)

Given the climate of change, you’d think it might be welcomed that the Pirates of the Caribbean have toned down their sexist ways.

But a revamp of the famous Disney ride has fans up in arms.

The ‘Bride Auction’ section of the attraction at the Walt Disney World park in Florida has been re-tooled so that the ‘redhead’ bride, who was formerly being sold off to the highest pirate bidder in the animatronic scene, is now a pirate herself.

The POTC makeover (Credit: Disney)
The POTC makeover (Credit: Disney)

And rather than being for sale, she’s in charge of auctioning off assorted booty to the other pirates.

While this might chime with the times, there’s outrage over the change, with Disney being accused of bowing to so-called ‘political correctness’.

Twitter is currently awash with fury, many reckoning that the whole point of that scene is to highlight the dastardliness of the pirates in the first place.

One user suggested it should be renamed the ‘Sensitive Swashbuckler’ ride instead.

The move came to the US after Disneyland Paris revamped its version of the ride last year, with new animatronics, special effects and costumes, and the new storyline in place of the bride auction.

As is so often the case, all of the fury comes from those who have not experienced the newly revamped ride – it doesn’t open in Florida until this Sunday (March 18), while the California park closes its POTC ride in April for refurbishment, with no reopen date fixed as yet.

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