Anne Hathaway worked with choreographer for ‘weeks’ to obtain her Catwoman ‘swagger’

Anne Hathaway worked with a choreographer for weeks to obtain her Catwoman “swagger” in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

The 41-year-old actress played the superhero alongside Christian Bale, 50, as Batman in Christopher Nolan’s 2012 blockbuster, and has now admitted she needed help getting the character’s gait right as she felt so disconnected from her body.

She told The New York Times: “I worked with a choreographer for three weeks to find that swagger.

“Because – oh, this is going to sound like a weird sentence – I wasn’t connected enough to my hips.

“I kept imagining a cat’s movement and the way it’s fluid and swishy but also strong and purposeful, and they helped me find my hips.

“I didn’t feel connected to my body early in my life. It was this weird thing.”

When asked why she didn’t feel “connected” to herself, Anne said: “I mean, it would take me 41 years to answer that. It’s so many things, but I think it’s just assumed that we have a relationship with our body.”

She also said about how she is trying to move away from her “nice girl” image: “I think I’m a former people pleaser from New Jersey. So much of the reason I was drawn to acting is that it was an outlet for expression that I could not find on my own.

“And in the space between feeling so connected when I was acting and so lost when I wasn’t, you try to make your way, and one of the ways that you make your way is, ‘Oh, if I do this, that will make someone else happy, and maybe that’s what I’m supposed to be doing.’

“It takes a long time to go, ‘That doesn’t really matter if you don’t know who you are.’

“Unless you just want an identity that’s all about pleasing people. Which I suppose is perfectly valid. But I’m not that nice.”