Arnold Schwarzenegger's new beard is the star of his latest Trump-baiting video

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Credit: Getty)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Credit: Getty)

Baiting Donald Trump on social media isn’t a new thing for Arnold Schwarzenegger, but his facial furniture certainly is.

The Terminator star took to Twitter yesterday, to tear the President a new one over his plan to cut after-school programs from the budget.

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“I have a question, why do you take $1.3 billion from after-school programs in your 2020 budget, when you go and do tax reforms which will cost taxpayers $500 billion every year?

“Why give it to the rich folks, and take it away from the poor little kids?

“It doesn’t make any sense! Maybe that’s what you did at Trump University and stuff like that, but that doesn’t make any sense normally, so put it back in, OK?”

It’s a salient argument. But seemingly overshadowed somewhat by Arnie’s new, ice-white goatee beard.

While many fans loved what he was saying, they also loved the facial hair. Cue the establishment of a new appreciation society.

Arnie has long beefed with the president, often taking to social media to rip him for his policy choices.

Trump has occasionally fought back, noting that after he left as the host of The Apprentice, and Schwarzenegger took over, the series hit the skids.

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Still, for former Governor of California appears to be winning on this one.

Sadly, despite apparent support for a Arnie presidential run, his being born in Austria precludes him from ever being considered under the constitution.

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