'Avatar 2' set photos show Sigourney Weaver filming underwater stunt

Sigourney Weaver dons the motion-capture suit on the set of 'Avatar 2'. (Credit: Jon Landau/Instagram)
Sigourney Weaver dons the motion-capture suit on the set of 'Avatar 2'. (Credit: Jon Landau/Instagram)

We don’t yet know who or what Sigourney Weaver is playing in the Avatar sequels, but we do know she’s been filming some intense underwater action sequences.

The 70-year-old star played Dr. Grace Augustine in the 2009 original movie, who was killed by the villainous Quaritch.

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This time around she’s playing a different role and, based on new set photos released by producer Jon Landau, it will involve a fair amount of time underwater.

One of the images sees her in all-action mode, while the other features the Alien star emerging from the water in her motion-capture suit.

“Sigourney has never been one to shy away from an action scene,” Landau wrote in the caption.

Previously released set photos have seen numerous actors taking part in the extensive underwater filming, including Kate Winslet and teenager Britain Dalton, who is playing the son of Jake and Neytiri — Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana’s characters.

Much of the aquatic action has been shot in a 900,000 gallon tank, built specifically for the Avatar sequels.

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James Cameron’s hugely ambitious production has been carried out on some enormous practical sets, despite the extensive digital effects work that will again bring Pandora to life.

The production faltered as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but has recently been able to return to sets in New Zealand.

Avatar (Credit: Fox)
Avatar (Credit: Fox)

As a result of the pandemic-induced delay to production, all four of the Avatar sequels have been delayed by a year each.

The first of the sequels is now due to arrive in December 2022, with the others arriving every two years after that until the release of Avatar 5 in 2028.

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Landau has revealed that Jake and Neytiri’s family will be a key element of the Avatar sequels and said these movies tell “the story of the Sully family and what one does to keep their family together”.

Someone just needs to tell David Thewlis what is going on.

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