The 'Avengers: Endgame' spoiler ban is being lifted after this weekend, say the Russo Brothers

(Credit: Marvel/Disney)
(Credit: Marvel/Disney)

If you’ve not seen Avengers: Endgame by this weekend, then it’s your own fault if you find out what happens at the end.

Directors the Russo Brothers have said that the ban on spoilers for the movie will be lifted on Monday.

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Asked on Good Morning America if there’s a time when spoilers become fair game, Joe Russo said: “I think there has to be at a certain point, because part of why we make these movies is for conversation.

“So I think it’s Monday. Give people two weekends, not everyone can get there the first weekend.

“But I think if you haven’t seen it yet, you should get out there and see it because I think by Monday people are going to be talking about it.”

Chris Evans – aka Captain America – quipped back:

Evans’ remark follows Chris Pratt’s posting of a video from the set of the movie, which has racked up millions of views, showing the dazzling cast all in place for the final battle sequence.

The helmsmen ran a campaign against spoilering right up to the release of the movie, after plot leaks began emerging online.

They doubled down after footage then leaked from the beginning of the movie, followed by the entire film appearing on torrent sites after its release in China.

But spoilers have proved to be no laughing matter for some.

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In Houston, Texas, 33-year-old Justin Gregory Surface was given a citation for assaulting a co-worker at a branch of Dominos Pizza, after the colleague let slip a major plot point.

Meanwhile, pictures in Hong Kong emerged of a man who appeared to have been badly beaten outside a cinema for shouting out spoilers to people going in to see the film.

The movie is now on track to be among the highest-grossing of all time, with a haul of $1.6 billion so far, and Avatar’s $2.7 billion in its sights.

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