'Back To The Future' series tops poll of movies fans want rebooted

Back to the Future (Credit: Universal)
Back to the Future (Credit: Universal)

Movie fans are desperate for another Back To The Future movie, according to a poll by The Hollywood Reporter.

Of just over 2000 people surveyed, a solid 71 percent said that they want to see Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd’s Marty and Doc back on the big screen.

54 percent of those polled said that they’d seen all of the BTTF movies, but only 36 percent said they’d seen all of the Star Wars films.

It compares to 69 percent who want to see another Toy Story movie, 68 percent wanting a new Indiana Jones movie, and 67 percent wanting another Jurassic Park movie.

Toy Story (Credit: Pixar/Disney)
Toy Story (Credit: Pixar/Disney)

Luckily for them, there are more movies coming in all those franchises, though a new Back To The Future movie is rather less likely.

Director Robert Zemeckis said in July this year that it’s simply not going to happen.

“There will never ever be, in the most absolute way, a Back To The Future 4,” he told Bad Taste.

“There will be no more Back To The Future.”

Further down the list, 55 percent want a new Hunger Games movie, 54 percent would see another Matrix film and 53 percent would want another chapter of in the Avatar, which is perhaps some comfort for director James Cameron, who has four more films in the pipeline, having recently wrapped on parts two and three.

Morning Consult, which conducted the poll with THR added that ‘half of Americans say they are much more likely to watch throwbacks and revivals’.

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