Update: Bane audio rumours false

Reports claimed Dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan has tweaked villain's audio

Update: Studio Warner Bros. have released a statement saying that the rumours over the change in audio were false.

Original story: Batman fans will be breathing a sigh of relief today, after it was reported that Christopher Nolan has cleaned up villain Bane's audio on ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

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When a six minute prologue to the film was released ahead of ‘Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol’ in digital IMAX cinemas, the most common complaint on film blogs and forums was that Tom Hardy’s Bane was incredibly difficult to understand. He even got his own spoof Twitter account, called 'Mumble Bane'.

The sequence showed the villain, who gets his super-strength from gases he continually inhales through a mask, hijack a plane.

His muffled speech was impossible to make out over the background noise of the plane.

Nolan and his crew have apparently listened to the feedback, with a new soundtrack being delivered to IMAX theatres. At least that's according to a source speaking to Collider.

Apparently they’ve “gone in and lowered the background noise... thus making Bane’s dialogue clearer and more understandable.”

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If the reports are correct then Nolan has not reworked the audio completely by asking Hardy to re-record his lines, but he has still backpedaled on what he said last year.

The director told told The Hollywood Reporter in December that it was okay for a viewer not to understand what was said, as long as the overall idea was conveyed.

It's not clear if the vocals have also been reworked for the rest of the film, but it would certainly make sense, as the character's dialogue was also tough to make out in the trailer.

We’ll all get to see how Bane sounds when ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is released on 20 July 2012.