Batman Might Not Be The Only Justice League Member In Suicide Squad

Where ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ failed, ‘Suicide Squad’ is expected to succeed, as its release at the start of August is set to truly kick-start the DC Extended Universe.

To do just that it’s already been confirmed that ‘Suicide Squad’ will include an appearance from Batman, but it’s now been heavly suggested that the blockbuster might feature another member of the ‘Justice League’, too.

Those of you that don’t want ‘Suicide Squad’ to potentially be ruined probably shouldn’t read ahead, because the following could include SPOILERS.

Are they gone? Good. Because it’s been speculated that Ezra Miller’s the Flash/Barry Allen will make his second appearance in the DCU in ‘Suicide Squad’, following on from his teeny tiny cameo in ‘Batman V Superman’.

The good folks over at Comic Book, via Flickering Myth, have compiled some pretty impressive evidence that suggests that could be the case. Exhibit A is one particular shot in the trailer for ‘Suicide Squad’ that features Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang surrounded by a huge array of lightning bolts:

The lightning bolts in the above picture bare a striking resemblance to those that surrounded the Flash in, exhibit B, the recent ‘Justice League’ trailer, which premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con last weekend:

What makes a Flash appearance even more likely is that Captain Boomerang is one of Barry Allen’s most famous enemies, having first appeared in the comics back in 1960, where he has since caused both Barry Allen and Wally West all kinds of problems.

We don’t have long to wait and see if the above lightning is just a coincidence or it is indeed a prefix to the emergence of the Flash, because ‘Suicide Squad’ will finally be released on August 5th.

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[Images via Warner Bros]

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