Batman V Superman Cinematographer: New Cut Won't Change Your Mind

Anyone hoping that the new R-rated cut of ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ is going to right any wrongs might be heading for disappointment.

Larry Fong, the movie’s cinematographer has answered the question fans have been asking with a succinct tweet, following the release of the trailer yesterday.

And there you have it. Sorry folks.

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The so-called 'ultimate cut’ will enhance the adult themes and violence – hence the more grown-up certificate – adding in extra footage from Zack Snyder’s divisive superhero sequel.

It will now run up to 182 minutes in all, 30 minutes longer than the theatrical version, and will even feature characters not featured in the original cut.

Notably, this will include Jena Malone’s role, rumoured to be that of either Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Gotham City PD boss Commissioner Jim Gordon and the alter-ego of Batgirl, or Carrie Kelly, the female incarnation of Robin.

The movie split critics – to put it kindly – many criticising its dour tone and the brooding introspection of its heroes.

And it seems that an additional half hour isn’t going to change anyone’s mind not previously made up.

The new cut will be released on Blu-ray next month.

Image credits: Warner Bros