Beloved 'Toy Story 3' character won't appear in 'Toy Story 4'

Toy Story 4 won't include Ken doll (Credit: Disney Pixar)
Toy Story 4 won't include Ken doll (Credit: Disney Pixar)

Not everyone’s favourite toys will be back in Toy Story 4.

The new Disney Pixar film will see the return of Woody and Buzz, and plenty more classic playthings but sadly, those hoping to see Ken again will be disappointed.

Barbie’s beau was voiced by Michael Keaton in Toy Story 3 but he’s not going to appear in the fourth movie.

"Ken is not in this film," Josh Cooley confirmed. "He's back at Sunnyside [Day Care].

"We love Ken too, [there's] a lot of characters."

Michael Keaton voiced Ken in Toy Story 3 (Credit: Disney/Pixar)
Michael Keaton voiced Ken in Toy Story 3 (Credit: Disney/Pixar)

There are a lot of new characters joining the old guard of toys from the previous three films.

Joining the cast are Duke Caboom, Canada’s most famous stuntman voiced by Keanu Reeves, Ducky and Bunny, a pair of carnival prizes voiced by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, and Gabby Gabby, a creepy forgotten doll, voiced by Christina Hendricks.

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There’s also Forky, a toy created by Bonnie, the girl who was gifted Andy’s toy collection at the end of the last film before he went off to college.

Bonnie builds Forky using an old plastic fork and some arts and crafts material and returns home with the custom toy only for it to come to life outside of her presence and to the surprise of the other toys in Bonnie’s room.

“When we came up with Forky, it was just something that made us laugh,” Jonas Rivera, the film’s producer, told Yahoo Movies UK.

“And then we started having this very conversation like, ‘well, how does it work?’ ‘What's the firing order here in the order of operations?’

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And we usually come around to: ‘I don't know, if it's funny, we'll just figure it out.’ You know, maybe the audience will accept it,” he added.

Toy Story 4 comes to cinemas on 21 June.