Ben Affleck wants the Snyder cut of ‘Justice League’ to be made available

Gregory Wakeman
Ben Affleck as Batman.

Ben Affleck believes that Zack Snyder’s cut of the Justice League should be made available for the legions of DC fans that want to see the director’s version of the blockbuster. 

“I do think that movie, you know, having two directors is a very weird thing,” admitted Affleck. “And for Justice League, the director had a family tragedy. … and so you have a kind of cow’s body with a horse’s head a little bit with two directors a lot of times, for better or for worse. I do think Zack’s cut should be available.”

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Affleck made this declaration to Cinema Blend, while he also took the time to explain why he decided to tweet out the hugely popular hashtag #ReleaseTheSnyderCut on November 17, 2019, alongside Wonder Woman Gal Gadot.

“I didn’t know about it. Zack was like, ‘Hey, they are doing this thing.’ And I said, ‘Zack, I love you, and I support you. However I can help you.’”

Director Zack Snyder poses as he arrives on the red carpet for the screening of the movie "Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice" in Mexico City, Mexico, March 19, 2016. REUTERS/Henry Romero

Justice League fans have pined to see Snyder’s cut ever since it was announced that Joss Whedon was replacing Snyder as the director for the film’s reshoots. Snyder was unable to do so after the death of his daughter. 

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When Justice League was eventually released, Snyder die-hards were so unimpressed by the result that they started an online movement calling for the 300 director’s take on the film. Snyder has repeatedly added to this groundswell by releasing various behind the scenes images outlining his unseen vision for the film.

Unfortunately for Snyder fans, Warner Bros are yet to announce whether or not they have any interest in actually releasing his cut of Justice League.