Benedict Cumberbatch gives exciting update on Avengers 5

benedict cumberbatch, doctor strange in the multiverse of madness
Benedict Cumberbatch gives update on Avengers 5Disney

Marvel star Benedict Cumberbatch has given an exciting update on Avengers 5.

During an interview with Netflix, the actor, who plays Doctor Strange in the MCU, shared his excitement at the anticipated sequel and teased that filming could be starting soon.

"It's been a lovely relationship with [Marvel] ever since [being cast]. I'm very much looking forward to Avengers next year, which is cooking up a storm," he said.

benedict cumberbatch, doctor strange in the multiverse of madness

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Cumberbatch revealed how much he's enjoyed playing the superhero after he initially had to turn down the role due to scheduling conflicts.

"The joy of playing him is immense, but also the joy of playing him means I can help create and platform stories and writing. He's a gift in many, many ways in my life," he explained.

Avengers 5 is set to hit cinemas on May 1, 2026, one year on from its initial release date of May 2, 2025.

Marvel Studios

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Earlier this year, it was reported that Marvel was reworking the movie and that it will no longer be called Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

Kang actor Jonathan Majors was dropped by the studio in December 2023 after being found guilty of assault and harassment. The reported Avengers 5 name change is a sign that Marvel is downplaying Kang's importance in the film.

The film has faced a number of changes in recent months, with director Destin Daniel Cretton exiting the movie in November 2023. A replacement director has yet to be announced.

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Marvel Studios

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Michael Waldron, who is already writing Avengers: Secret Wars, has since joined the movie as writer, taking over from Jeff Loveness.

Following rumours surrounding which superheroes could feature in the upcoming blockbuster, Marvel boss Kevin Feige recently downplayed any talk of the original Avengers returning.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight last year, he said: "We're doing a project with Scarlett [Johansson] – I love Robert [Downey Jr.], he's a part of the family, but in terms of returning we'll have to see."

Avengers 5 will be released in cinemas on May 1, 2026.

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