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When will MaXXXine be released in the UK?

Scream queen Mia Goth is back for third film in Ti West's horror trilogy

Mia Goth in MaXXXine
Mia Goth stars in horror threequel MaXXXine. (A24)

Director Ti West and horror star Mia Goth are reuniting for MaXXXine, the third film in A24's blood-splattered X trilogy.

The upcoming indie movie follows 2022's 70s-set slasher X, and 2023's Pearl, the unsettling prequel that told the origin story of X's villain.

West's low-budget horror flicks have built up quite the reputation, earning critical acclaim and proving to be successes at the box office.

As the trilogy concludes, read on for everything you need to know about MaXXXine, including its release date, cast and plot. Reader beware: spoilers for X and Pearl follow...

Mia Goth in MaXXXine
The horror film follows 2022's X and 2023's prequel Pearl. (A24)

MaXXXine will be released in UK cinemas on Friday, 5 July, having been shifted from its original release date, Friday, 9 August.

A streaming release date has yet to be announced. However, both X and Pearl are available to watch from home if you need to catch up on the gory franchise so far.

West originally screened a teaser of MaXXXine during a screening at Pearl at Toronto International Film Festival in 2022. Producers A24 fast-tracked the film to capitalise on the success of the previous two installments.

The neon-drenched official trailer for MaXXXine was released by A24 in April. Soundtracked by Animotion's track Obsession, the clip transports us to the seedy world of 1980s Hollywood – complete with a serial killer on the loose.

Intriguingly, it also includes a glimpse of the iconic Bates Motel from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho on the Universal studio lot.

Watch it below:

Detail from the poster for MaXXXine
MaXXXine takes place six years after the events of the X. (A24)

MaXXXine takes place in Hollywood in 1985, six years after the events of X, in which porn star Maxine Minx was the only survivor of a massacre on the set of an adult film.

She is now on the road to mainstream stardom, having landing a role in a horror movie called The Puritan II.

Meanwhile, a mysterious serial killer known as the Night Stalker is targeting young actresses in Tinseltown. Minx knows three of the victims and, according to the official synopsis, "a trail of blood threatens to reveal her sinister past".

Goth has teased that MaXXXine is "the best film of the trilogy". She told Variety: "It's the biggest story of the three with the highest stakes and Maxine has gone through so much at this point. So when we find her in this new world, she's just a force to be reckoned with and she goes through some pretty wild adventures."

Kevin Bacon in MaXXXine
Kevin Bacon plays a private detective in the threequel. (A24)

As mentioned above, Goth reprises her role as Maxine Minx, an adult film star with dreams of breaking into Hollywood. The British actor previously starred in both X and its prequel, Pearl, which was set in 1918 and explored the origin story of the elderly killer behind X's massacre.

Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito plays Minx's agent, while The Crown's Elizabeth Debicki portrays the director of The Puritan II. Emily in Paris' Lily Collins is one of Minx's co-stars on the film-within-a-film.

Giancarlo Esposito in MaXXXine
The cast also includes Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito. (A24)

Kevin Bacon plays a private detective hired to find Maxine, while Michelle Monaghan and Bobby Canavale are LAPD officers hunting the Night Stalker.

The cast also includes two musicians in Halsey and Moses Sumney, both of whom have prior acting experience. Sumney recently appeared in HBO series The Idol while Halsey will soon be seen in crime thriller Americana alongside Sydney Sweeney.

Is MaXXXine based on a true story?

No. Like X and Pearl, MaXXXine is a work of fiction. However, the serial killer is based on the real-life 'Night Stalker', Richard Ramirez, who murdered at least 13 people in California between 1984 and 1985.

West told Entertainment Weekly that MaXXXine is "probably" the final entry in the X franchise. "I do have one idea that plays into these movies that could maybe happen," he said. "I don't know if it'll be next. It might be. We'll see."

MaXXXine will be released in UK cinemas on 5 July