Best 'Baby Yoda' memes as cute Star Wars: The Mandalorian character becomes Twitter sensation

Baby Yoda (Photo: Disney +)
Popular on Twitter 'Baby Yoda' is (Photo: Disney +)

Last month Star Wars: The Mandalorian had it’s debut on Disney+ in the USA, and it’s fair to say the Baby Yoda character has almost broken the internet.

The stateside show introduced us to a sweet fictional green baby creature, who is actually a 50-year-old child from the same race as Jedi Master Yoda - who knew?!

Of course, that race doesn’t have a specified name in Star Wars world, so fans have been referring to “The Child” as ‘Baby Yoda’.

The fourth episode of the series was shown on Friday and spawned a torrent of Baby Yoda memes, including the now-iconic ‘Baby Yoda sipping soup’, which looks set to replace ‘Kermit the frog sippin’ tea’ on people’s Instagram and Twitter feeds.

The whole internet is here for Baby Yoda. To understand the craze, check out some of the best memes below:

‘Every mum on Christmas morning’

‘It’s the new sipping tea meme’

‘My Uber driving right past me’

‘Me watching my roommate getting ready to go out’

‘When your mum runs into someone in the grocery store’

‘That feeling when it’s finally cosy season’

‘When you have no idea what’s going on’

‘Me watching my husband cook’

‘I want to look this good when I turn 50’

Some wanted to rename the series

‘Me at every party’

Memes were combined

RIP Kermit

Cute overlord

New episodes of The Mandalorian are released on Disney+ every Friday, but are only available to watch in the USA.