The best films to watch on subscription-free TV tonight: Wednesday, 25 March

This movie really set the standard for all superhero sequels to be measured against. Written by Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris and David Hayter and inspired by the graphic novel <em>God Loves, Man Kills</em>, <em>X2 </em>sees the X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants team up to stop a genocidal Colonel William Stryker (Brian Cox) from building his own version of Xavier&#39;s mutant-tracking computer Cerebro, in order to destroy every mutant on Earth. Great script, even better acting and an ambitious moral exploration with memorable action set pieces. (Credit: 20th Century Fox)
X2. (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

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Societally shunned minority battle for recognition & equality to proclaim "We're here to stay" in super-powered coming-out allegory X-MEN 2 6:20pm - Film4

Relic-robbing gadget freak Jackie Chan turns artefact preserver in full-body-skate-chasing, skydive-kung-fu-ing gem CHINESE ZODIAC 7pm Sony Movies UK

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Time-slipped boy awakens years after disappearing to inventive engaging alien adventure in mercurial mystery FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR 9pm - SyFy UK

Flight Of The Navigator remake teased by District 9 director
Flight Of The Navigator (Disney)

Over 30 years, one man seeks answers from artists, musicians, politicians, philosophers & scientists to the defining question of the human experience... WHY ARE WE CREATIVE? 9pm - Sky Arts 1

Lonely girl’s tentative friendship with bed-bound boy reveals his over-bearing mother’s dark and menacing secret CAN'T COME OUT TO PLAY 9pm Horror Channel

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Bribe taking tube manager Denzel Washington faces off against subway hostage takers in Tony Scott's taut thriller remake THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123 9pm Sony Movies UK

Unsullied, action-figure collecting boob-misunderstander falls for kind-hearted MILF in sexually charged concept comedy THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN 9pm Comedy Central UK

Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Romany Malco and Seth Rogen in <i>The 40-Year-Old Virgin</i>. (Universal Pictures)
Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Romany Malco and Seth Rogen in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. (Universal Pictures)

Broken & beleaguered remnants of failed heroes find final purpose protecting weaponised waif in head-stabbing heart-breaker LOGAN 9pm Film4

Escaping the blitz in Kenyan hide-away aristocratic swingers' hedonistic lifestyle ignites social powder-keg of jealousy & murder in corpse anointing period drama WHITE MISCHIEF 10:05pm Talking Pictures TV

Kitten saving, tentacled deity smashing, horn shaving lovelorn demon leads team of supernatural feds in war on Rasputin in comic book spectacular HELLBOY 11pm 5Star

Just out of prison, Dwayne The Rock Johnson evades drug-withdrawn Cop & philosophical Killer whilst making good on his personal kill-list FASTER 11:15pm Sony Movies UK

PASADENA - NOVEMBER 24: FASTER, theatrical movie originally released November 24, 2010.  Film directed by George Tillman, Jr. Pictured left to right, Dwayne Johnson (as Driver / James Cullen), and Jennifer Carpenter (as Woman / Nan Porterman, in background). Frame grab. (Photo by CBS Films/Sony Pictures/CBS via Getty Images)
Faster, Dwayne Johnson (as Driver / James Cullen), and Jennifer Carpenter (as Woman / Nan Porterman, in background). (CBS Films/Sony Pictures/CBS via Getty Images)

Caught in chaos of state sanctioned slaughter, strangers struggle to survive night of bullet-riddled class war THE PURGE ANARCHY 11:45pm Film4

Preacher’s son’s performance persona consumes his sense of self in theatre of absurd & unrestrained chaos: Documentary-opera SUPER DUPER ALICE COOPER 1:20am Sky Arts 1

Black swan thinking baseball scout & young economist fly in face of convention to turn around failed sports team in understated true story MONEYBALL 3am Sony Movies UK

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