The best films on subscription-free TV tonight: Friday, 27 March

Daisy Ridley and John Boyega as Rey and Finn in 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens. (Disney)

No Disney+? No problem! TopFilmTip brings you a Marvel-ous asinine assassin, the best post apocalyptic movie you never saw, uplifting songstresses, a Quentin Tarantino double... Bill and Star Wars for free this Friday 27 March.

Spy satellite seeking submariners survive sabotage before battling communist commandos in icy Cold War thriller ICE STATION ZEBRA 3:10pm Movies 4 Men

Ruthless ransomer’s bigger boat bomb plot is defused by bravery of bomb squad in tension building, wire-cutting trope founding classic JUGGERNAUT 4:40pm Film4

Dark-side deserter & desert-dwelling scavenger turn tide against furious First Order in the triumphant, emotive joy of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS 7:30pm ITV 1

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Bristling Bride's burning fury drives seething frenetic vengeance in rock n roll limb lopping, anime flash-backing & samurai homage fest KILL BILL VOL 1 9pm Sony Movies UK

Uma Thurman in Kill Bill Vol. One (Credit: Miramax)

Alt-girl mix-genius joins misfit songstress team in aca-puking, aca-uplifting, aca-awesome acamaraderie aca-comedy PITCH PERFECT 9pm ITV2

Cancer cursed quip king / asinine assassin / regenerating degenerate expositions all over badder guys in 4th wall assaulting splattery metaMarvel DEADPOOL 9pm Film4

Forgetting to put flowers on Algernon’s grave, writers' blocked author's drug-fuelled brain bender prompts intellectually adventurous thrill ride LIMITLESS 10:25pm 5 Star

Harrison Ford goes undercover in Amish community to build barns, punch unsuspecting bullies & protect child in Peter Weir's pastoral meditation of faith, family & friendship WITNESS 10:45pm BBC1

Bootstrapping military gentleman hopes to regain lost status as he seeks path to unknown Amazonian civilisation in sprawling, obsessive, jungling true tale THE LOST CITY OF Z 11:05pm BBC2

Progenitor seeking explorers unleash biological WMD in giant head exploding, squid birthing, Alien angering horror prequel PROMETHEUS 11:10pm Film4

A still from Prometheus. (20th Century Fox)

Bridal vengeance will be fulfilled in Coffin punching, eye plucking, bucket schlepping, 5-point-palm-exploding-heart-techniquing Kung Fu film homage KILL BILL VOL 2 11:20pm Sony Movies UK

Sex starved elderly ink drinker takes grandson on long balling, pageant pranking, shoplifting & sharting road trip BAD GRANDPA 11:35pm Channel 4

Donning comic book hero’s persona, post-apocalyptic BMX-er & perpetually ecstatic android battle splattery gore tyrant in lesser known love letter to Mad Max TURBO KID 00:35am Horror Channel

Cryptic tome warns of heinous world ruling coven in Dario Argento's ravenous rodent rampaging, putrid corpsing Italian horror INFERNO 01:35am Film4

Tied to fate & besotted with a ghost, soulful the sorely missed Anton Yelchin is pursued by killer-thief in listless meditation on predeterminism THE DRIFTLESS AREA 2:10am Sony Movies UK

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