The best films on TV: Easter Monday, 13 April

<i>The Wolf of Wall Street, Baby Driver, Matilda</i>.
The Wolf of Wall Street, Baby Driver, Matilda.

Breathtaking Japanese animation, unflinching comedy and lesser known Arnie-drama as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Monday, 13 April.

Redheaded adventurer discovers world of wizardry precipitating magical mayhem in joyously jaw-dropping wonder Mary And The Witch’s Flower 10am Film4

Self-educated/reliant infant inflicts poetic punishment upon abusive adults in Roald Dahl’s magical marvellous merriment Matilda 10:20am Channel 5

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Emotional ties fray under the strain of a troubled father-son relationship in epic John Wayne classic Red River 2:10pm ITV4

FILE - In this 1957 file photo, actor Alec Guinness, right, stands in this scene from the film "The Bridge on the River Kwai" during its production in Sri Lanka. Australian Rod Beattie, 67, arguably the world’s authority on the Death Railway, has busted myths and inaccuracies that have accumulated around the railway. (AP Photo, File)
In this 1957 file photo, actor Alec Guinness, right, stands in this scene from the film "The Bridge on the River Kwai" during its production in Sri Lanka. (AP Photo, File)

David Lean’s classic PoW epic regarding duty, principles, morale and obsession The Bridge Over The River Kwai 2:20pm Channel 5

A bitter sweet tale of a man, his otter and a Scottish doctor's island exploring love of nature abound in Otter-ly crushing drama Ring Of Bright Water 2:55pm Talking Pictures

Clint Eastwood joins an operation to raid a nazi strong hold as plans within plans start to unravel Where Eagles Dare 4:50pm ITV4

Raptor-daddy and high-heels-sprinter save haircut-brothers from psycho-killer-mutantosaurus in monster chomping fun Jurassic World 5:35pm ITV2

Fully aware that he could call the police anytime, Les Incompetent abandoned boy becomes self-sufficient, learns empathy then sadistically burns/brakes/bludgeons burglars in Home Alone 5:50pm Film4

Crime writer Ethan Hawke moves family into murder-home and uncovers soul eating demonic deity in grizzly homicidal horror Sinister 8pm Horror Channel

Delinquent becomes bespoke suited gadgeting gentleman spy in sword-legged viscerally violent riotous fun Kingsman: The Secret Service 8pm Channel 4

Flaky drunk and cloistered mum inflict inadvertent reign of murderous chaos upon Colombian kidnappers in undignified comedy Snatched 8pm Film4

Lude loaded, dwarf tossing, debauched stock market fraudster attains unimaginable heights of wild excess in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf Of Wall Street 9pm ITV4

British fluff presenter locks horns with universally despised ex-president in drunk dialing, history making drama Frost / Nixon 10:45pm Sky Atlantic

Ever joyous and frivolous single 30-something teacher encounters various juxtaposed London dwellers in Mike Leigh's Happy Go Lucky 10:45pm Film4

Musically-mused oedipal getaway kid defies his killer colleagues in deviously deft, funk-fuelled frenetic wheel spinner Baby Driver 10pm Sony Movie Channel

Distraught air traffic controller and inconsolably bereaved Arnie are fated to cross paths in morally complex powerhouse Aftermath 1:35am Sony Movie Channel

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