The best films on TV: Saturday, 4 April

Ben Dadds
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Here’s why we haven’t had a Mad Max: Fury Road sequel
Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road. (Warner Bros.)

Astonishing action, cerebral sci-fi, foreign language treats and unconventional romance today as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Saturday, 4 April.

Daughter of neglectful cheese-chomper aids bug eating boy's fiendish friends in delightfully dark, grotesque comedy The Boxtrolls 11am Film4

Misfits find fraternity when imbued with high-jumping kung-pow prowess in remarkably entertaining Krispy Kreme-craving action Power Rangers 1:15pm 5Star

Selfish journalist’s recurring day of hopelessness evolves into revelation of selflessness and love in Zen-like comedy Groundhog Day 1:25pm Sony Movie Channel

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Muppets-fanatic brothers aid Kermit & co to save their theatre from Texan-Moopet oil conspiracy in wondrous musical fun The Muppets 4pm BBC 2

Hollywood fixer wades through deluge of religious imagery & communist plots in the Coen Brothers’ economically ironic genre sprawler Hail Caesar 4:15pm Film4

Monument-demolishing alien's invasion fails due to punchy pilot, quippy shareware scientist and awful firewalls in allegorical 90s classic Independence Day 5:10pm E4

Fearless farm-boy fights grotesque gargantua in chump-chomping, Ewan McGregor-cooking grisly castle seige fun Jack The Giant Slayer 6:45pm 5Star

Southern drawler and bridal hitchhiker bait racist wife-punching sheriff for incomprehensible reasons with jumps, bumps and stunts in plot-less 90-minute car chase, and guilty pleasure Smokey And The Bandit 7:10pm ITV4

With their husband / father away, a household of sisters and their mother unsteadily unite in wholesome period piece Little Women 7:35pm Sony Movie Channel

War for the Planet of the Apes (Credit: Fox)
War for the Planet of the Apes (Credit: Fox)

Under yoke of genocidal zealot, Monkey Moses leads his people on apexodus in affecting ape-escape actioner War For The Planet Of The Apes 8pm Channel 4

Apocalyptic lunatic and self-actualising fems fight fanatical clan convoy in unrelentingly insane explosive mayhem Mad Max: Fury Road 9pm ITV2

Successful student watches aghast as billionaire bohemian BF and pugnacious father feud over her: Checkov’s moosing comedy Why Him 9pm Film4

Oneironaut leads subconsciousness hackers through lucid layers of limbo in visionary, reality-questioning meta-marvel Inception 10pm ITV 1

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Articulate Anonymous anarchist emulates historical heretic empowering masses to overthrow oppressive leadership V For Vendetta 10pm Sony Movie Channel

Reality skipping military man relives final minutes of stranger’s life in train bombing brain twister Source Code 11pm BBC1

Supernatural skeptic faces his fears when challenged to debunk three cases of ghoulish girls, unseen stalkers and malicious monsters in horripilating horror Ghost Stories 10:45pm BBC2


Chance encounter with forgotten, awkward school friend causes loving marriage to unravel in intense, psychological chiller The Gift 11:15pm Film4

FBI profilers enlist clairvoyant consultant Anthony Hopkins to help hunt psychic serial killer in sort-of Se7en sequel Solace 10:50pm Channel 4

Peaceful African farming family face totalitarian jihadist tyranny with disbelief & dignity in musically mesmerising visual feast Timbuktu 00:20am BBC2

Dom/Sub entomologist lesbians push the trust & compromise content of their relationship to mouth watering levels The Duke Of Burgundy 1:25am Film4

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