The best films on TV today: Monday, 18 May

The Warrior, Green Zone, The Void.
The Warrior, Green Zone, The Void.

So much to choose from on telly, so why not pick a movie from this list? There’s a Frank Sinatra thriller, a Lovecraftian horror, and a Korean classic to choose from as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV today: Monday, 18 May.

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

Outstanding odd-couple romantic adventure sees Hepburn Bogart steam up the Congo to battle Germans in charismatic classic The African Queen 5:05pm Sony Movies Action

Psychopathic gangster Frank Sinatra holds household hostage in plot to assassinate the POTUS in electrifying thriller Suddenly 5:30pm Talking Pictures TV

Amnesiac teens brave infanticidal cyborg-spider infested labyrinth in enigmatic, childhood-to-puberty allegory The Maze Runner 6:50pm Film4

Matt Damon draws fire from his own fractious forces while truth seeking in mid-war Iraq in top taut political thriller Green Zone 9:00pm Sky 1

Suave sentinels seek superiors' soul, prize-fighter's pride prevents profit and odd date accidentally ends in OD... Tarantino's flawless masterwork of script and style Pulp Fiction 9:00pm Sony Movies

Inspirational OCD insomniac brutalises Russian mobsters in intelligently expositioned, character led B&Q badassary The Equalizer 9:00pm ITV4

Kidnapped girls must manipulate the multitude of personalities residing in their imprisoner’s body in Beast Mode thriller Split 9:00pm Film4

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Amid an English heatwave, naive boy ferries illicit messages between upper-class debutant and farmer in period drama The Go-Between 10:00pm Talking Pictures TV

The Go-between, poster, US poster art, Julie Christie, (center), Alan Bates, (bottom right), 1970. (Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)
The Go-between, poster, US poster art, Julie Christie, (center), Alan Bates, (bottom right), 1970. (Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)

Hospital besieged patients and medics endure tentacled transcendental onslaught in visceral vicious love letter to Lovecraft The Void 10:50pm Horror Channel

A ‘Ronin’ brings on a violent reign of vengeance after escaping his bloodthirsty master in Himalayan onslaught The Warrior 11:15pm Film 4

Opportunistic apolitical cab owner and German journalist bond as they travel into heart of violent political protests witnessing ugly truth of soured power in Oscar-nominated drama A Taxi Driver 1:00am Film4

Playboy politician persuader’s Afghan arming policy for exploding helicopters literally causes Soviet downfall Charlie Wilson's War 11:20pm Sky Atlantic

Four friends repay mob debt with poorly planned kidnap in Dan Stevens’ twisted and banter fuelled thriller Criminal Activities 00:40am Sony Movies Action

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