The best films on TV today: Saturday, 23 March

Slow West, Finding Dory, Alpha Dog.

Saturday is movie day on UK television and there’s a huge selection to choose from, so let us guide you to something to suit your tastes as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV today: Saturday, 23 May.

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

Self-educated/reliant infant inflicts poetic punishment upon abusive adults in Roald Dahl’s magical marvelous merriment Matilda 1:30pm Comedy Central

Now a warning? Everyone wants to talk about Madeleine Ashton in lady vs lady blasting, tumbling, shattering satire Death Becomes Her 2:20pm 5 Star

Meryl Streep and Bruce Willis sitting on the floor shock at what they see in a scene from the film 'Death Becomes Her', 1992. (Photo by Universal Pictures/Getty Images)

Multiple lives of a reincarnating pup trace the life lessons, loves and licks of cross section of society in feel good family fun A Dog's Purpose 2:40pm Film4

Mysterious, malevolent Media mogul’s life is explored in loss of innocence lamenting masterwork and unbettered classic Citizen Kane 3:00pm BBC Two

Woody Allen applies his neurotic prism to children's animation as an individual breaks the system in inspiring kids's film fun Antz 3:10pm ITV2

Headstrong teenager trains with legendary surfer to ride mythical, gnarly wave in whitecap shredding true story Chasing Mavericks 4:40pm Film4

Memory impaired Blue Tang seeks parents: in whale-talking, Sigourney Weaver-sirening, septopus-assisting affecting fun Finding Dory 6:20pm BBC One

Monochrome genocide survivor rallies furious furry five to defeated panda persecuting peacock in canon blasting fun Kung Fu Panda 2 7:10pm E4

Suave sentinels seek superiors' soul, prize-fighter's pride prevents profit and odd date accidentally ends in OD in Tarantino's flawless masterwork of script and style Pulp Fiction 9:00pm Sony Movies

Colossal savanting, sadistic sponging, infectious drama from Stephen King as an innocent man walks The Green Mile 9:00pm Film4

Desert drifter plays rival gangs off each other and gives harsh hand-gunning tutorial in corpse kidnapping classic A Fistful of Dollars 9:30pm ITV4

Four moustached gunmen pit wits and wiles against murderous cowboy gang in quick-drawing, bullet blasting, character quipping fun Tombstone 9:45pm Sony Movies Action

Coffin punching, eye plucking, bucket schlepping, 5-point-palm-exploding-heart-techniquing kung fu film homage in Kill Bill: Vol. 2 10:00pm SyFy

Disillusioned prof's teaching of ambitious working class woman causes her familial friction, in Pygmalion reimagining Educating Rita 10:35pm BBC Four

'The Boys from Brazil', 1978. The thriller, directed by Franklin J Schaffner (1920-1989) , starred Peck as 'Dr Josef Mengele'. (Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

A nazi hunter uncovers terrifying, creepy plot to begin a Fourth Reich using Hitler's sperm and a rainforest The Boys From Brazil 10:40pm Talking Pictures

Street kid's tenacious life of scraps and scams fortifies him for game show millions in colourful love story Slumdog Millionaire 11:15pm Channel 4

Wiley weirdo witches find support and solace wreaking magical vengeance for wrong wicked men only to face consequential fury of their own wishes The Craft 11:25pm 5 Star

Inspirational OCD insomniac brutalises Russian mobsters in intelligently expositioned, character led B&Q badassary The Equalizer 11:40pm ITV4

Three disparate individuals are unknowingly tied together by fate in heart-breaking, non linear, complex-character drama 21 Grams 11:05pm Sony Movies

Based on a true story a young wannabe gangsters semi-serious kidnapping rapidly descends to chaotic and fearful panic Alpha Dog 00:20am Sony Movies Action

Lovelorn dreamer and bountyhunting brute traverse the far country in search of hearts' desires in exquisitely beautiful gem Slow West 00:40am Film4

Korean resistance and Japanese authorities deceive and infiltrate each other in maelstrom of torture and treachery The Age of Shadows 00:45am BBC Two

Terminally ill odd couple reach mortal acceptance and find life's ineffable joy in uplifting, poignant wonder The Bucket List 1:30am 5 Star

Emotionally fragile post-graduate’s inexperienced failure of intimacy precipitates night of improvised corpse disposal in understated body-blender A Young Man with High Potential 2:20am Film4

Statuesque incest survivor reluctantly embarks on path of vengeance in Blinding, surreal, nightmarish neon-noir Only God Forgives 2:35am Sony Movies

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