The best films to watch on UK TV today: Sunday, 4 October

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Filth, Murder on the Orient Express, I Am Not A Witch.
Filth, Murder on the Orient Express, I Am Not A Witch.

Choose from classic action adventures, Scottish satires or visually arresting foreign films as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on UK TV for Sunday, 4 October.

Culture clash precipitates breathtaking forbidden love as English widow is tasked with educating royal children in Anna and the King 12:45pm Film4

Captain yells in storms at friends, underlings, Frenchmen and himself as he prepares for war in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World 1:30pm Sony Movie Channel

Kino. Der Flug des Phönix, (THE FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX) USA, 1965, Regie: Robert Aldrich, JAMES STEWART, RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH, Stichwort: Bullhorn, Steuer, Pilot, Mütze. (Photo by FilmPublicityArchive/United Archives via Getty Images)
(THE FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX) USA, 1965, JAMES STEWART, RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH (FilmPublicityArchive/United Archives via Getty Images)

Richard Attenborough stars when fractious desert-stranded aircrew must turn their wreckage into working plane The Flight of the Phoenix (1965) 1:50pm Paramount Network

Frank Sinatra gains respect of fellow prisoners, leads escape from POW camp and hijacks train in WW2 adventure Von Ryan's Express 1:50pm Sony Movies Action

Two warring kingdoms unite to use Liam Neeson and a five bladed throwing star to fight off an alien invasion in 80s sci Fantasy Krull 3:00pm Horror Channel

The attack on Pearl Harbour is approached from both Japanese and American points of view in classic war epic Tora! Tora! Tora! 3:35pm Film 4

Russell Crowe as Robin Hood (Credit: Universal)
Russell Crowe as Robin Hood (Credit: Universal)

Russell Crowe has French-fighting, mead-drinking, neck-stabbing, arrow-loosing, rabble-rousing medieval fun in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood 3:50pm Paramount Network

Corpse defiling cowboy shoots men in the back on obsessive quest to recover a kidnapped niece in John Wayne's soul-searching classic The Searchers 4:05pm BBC Two

Upon icy mountainside, obsessively compulsive perfectionist must solve murder of a murderer: exacting, astute mystery Murder on the Orient Express (2017) 8:00pm Channel 4

American Destroyer and German U-Boat stalk each other under expert commanders in taut and accurate action packed gem The Enemy Below 9:00pm Sony Movies Action

Denzel Washington bends space and time to prevent atrocity that already happened in Tony Scott's high concept Schrodinger’s Box Deja Vu 9:00pm Sony Movie Channel

Under yoke of genocidal zealot, Monkey Moses leads his people on ape exodus in affecting ape escape actioner War for the Planet of the Apes 9:00pm Film4

Joe Thomas, Simon Bird, James Buckley and Blake Harrison in 'The Inbetweeners 2'. (Credit: EFD)
Joe Thomas, Simon Bird, James Buckley and Blake Harrison in 'The Inbetweeners 2'. (Credit: EFD)

Seeking Aussie sex, misfit mates find their pool puking, koala punching, pastafarian provoking inner anger song The Inbetweeners 2 9:00pm E4

Helicopter cop uncovers governmental big brother conspiracy in chopper chicaning 1980s whirlybird technoir thriller Blue Thunder 10:10pm Sony Movies Action

Traumatised teen, unstuck in time, alters his past only to worsen the future in Vonnegut-esque brain bender The Butterfly Effect 11:30pm Sony Movie Channel

Manipulative and misanthropic deviant detective's dirty tricks precipitate his mental collapse and depraved, dark comic-tragedy Filth 11:45pm Film 4

Societally-shunned young orphan girl is sent to live with ribbon-bound outcasts under exploitative government scheme in heartfelt and harrowing tale I Am Not a Witch 00:15am Channel 4

Helen Mirren goes skinny dipping when a stalled artist finds his muse in a young girl trapped in paradise in lush gem Age of Consent 00:30am Talking Pictures

As a single buffalo escapes its enclosure residents of tiny remote jungle bound village descend into chaos and violence in visually arresting masterpiece Jallikattu 1:35am Film4

Trapped in hurricane house with ravenous tiger, browbeaten bereft pyjama clad woman must protect autistic brother Burning Bright 2:35am Horror Channel

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